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Spirit of Naija

Come with me and feel the vibe
The Nigerian spirit; spread among over 250 tribes
The background tune being hummed by every Nigerian
We never say never but say ” Yes we Can!”

You can take away all but don’t give me death
Nigerians will struggle even with their last breath
When challenges come, we don’t look down and frown hard
We climb on them and overcome cos we are MAD

Making A Difference in our spheres
Charting a course straight for the stars
With the strength of the horse and the eagle
Aptly expressed on our Coat of arms: So noble

Nothing can dampen the Nigerian spirit
I’m brimming with it. Do you have it?
Cos a Nigerian i was born and that I’ll be
And I’ll fly my flag, highly proudly

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My First day at work

Today is my first day at work
And it started with a 13-min walk
Met the staff, all of them are Mrs
Thank God, there will be no crises
The day is going as smooth as silk
Everyone gets what they want; especially the sick
Some leave dissapointed; i guess shit happens
As for me, i still got my skills to sharpen
Bring myself to blitz speed
Upto the point where i’ll be missed
When my term ends and i leave
I just wanna give them a short reprieve
And make sure i create no mess
It’s just my style i guess
Up to this point i’ve seen no cannabis
So i’ll just sign this freestyle with the word PEACE

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A little

die a little
with every disappointment
or find what never dies
and has no preferences

try a little
and keep illusion going
or see the futility of effort
and stop pushing on nothing

be happy a little
now and then when circumstance allows
or rest in the source of happiness
now, then and always

believe a little
that you are someone
or notice there is no separate one
nor any limit to being

love a little
with half a heart
or let love have it all
filling the heart to overflowing

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