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The Becoming

The reality of the moment
Is yet to hit me
I’m standing at the precipice of my becoming
I’m about to break forth; out of my containment

The seams are bursting at their edges
I’m moving calmly, cutting down all hedges
Through time and chance; my heart may crawl
I’ll still fly high and surely stand tall

Obstacles becoming opportunities
To explore and exploit all avenues
To convert all doubts to certainty
And arrive at my designated venue

The shell cracks and the chick steps out
Oh no! Not a chick, but a full grown eagle



Blaze The Trail

See to it that men may fail.
True: when results come out, men may wail.
But your success shall in contrast pale.
Against their drab and damning tale.

Cos in God your trust is put:not frail.
And for real, no problem you can’t scale.
When other’s people results are locked in failure’s jail.
Yours will be too strong: like a gargantuan gale.

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female.
I want you to go check the inbox of your e-mail(ur bible).
Your failure was forgotten on christs’ cross and nails.
And success galore is your only allowed tale.

So why not relax, praise HIM and see the removal of the veil.
And your success shines forth as you blaze the trail.

This is to all WCFites, Pharmacy students, and every other UItes writing exams.
If u feel dis, drop ur signature…

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