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In Times of Despair

Look around you if you must
but i can assure you u’ll get nothing but dust
in times when things look so bleak
All strength gone and you are so damn weak

Reason to keep Going on
You have none
Battling with the resolve to give up
Striving so hard not to flop

stopped in ur tracks by the overwhelming weight u av to carry
It might come in any way that it myt even be scary
But Be of Good cheer cos i’ve got news for you
Take time to look at the sun as it comes out of the blue

The night cant last longer than it can
But if you look deep within You will know that you can
Why give up and live with the feeling of failure
when u can Look up to god draw energy from his unfailing allure

Its when you are hardest hit
That you should know that Ur success is important
If it aint important it wont be dis rough
Just stand firm and show them you are tough

Dont let the lemons being thrown at u deter you
Rather make lemonade in the prescence of the worlds view
Succeed Cos it aint just about you
So do whatever it is that you have to do.

just get to the finish line

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Your Love

i’m embraced by your love
Enthralled and entwined by your awe
the beauties that only you can conjure
the bright lights that darkness can’t endure
i’d deeply attracted by its sui-generic allure

i know no matter what the enemy can conjure
He’ll keep me safe. of that i’m sure
even if atimes i take a detour
he is always there with an open door
Ready to forgive and restore
Even to places greater than before

Even when storms of life takes off my moor
and everything around me turns dour
the plan of my life He can always redraw
there is none like Him who is pure
And he’s got nothing to gain from war
His herald is peace; of mind and much more

he has given me a happy demeanour
and told me to enjoy in His parlor
Great times ain’t hard to recapture
Cos around me, there are no signs of gore
He has bathed me with His splendor
and there i am, oblivious of the rancour
Which all around me does occur
And i pray His wrath i’ll never incur
God is Lord now and forevermore
Now and till i die, i’ll always concur

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This Life

This life can throw hell at you
And still have you coming for more
You’ll work till your hands are sore
And of all you want, you’ll get but a few

Questions keep popping through your head like champagne
Situations that you can’t even try to explain
No one would listen to you complain
So you have to double up or lose your gain

We fight for fame not needed
What we get is strife not seeded
What we have long evaded
Has landed on our doors leaded

Yet, as much struggles we face everyday
As much as we can’t help but cry
As much as we can’t but continually stay sane
As much as we can’t do anything but endure the pain
We are still here!

Going and growing through life is stress
Every single day, we are under duress
Duress with no form of recess
I’m talking about duress in excess

Yet you can’t deny life’s strong points
The beauty of the deep blue sea
The luxuriant foliage in in ascending canopies
Cos in them beauty is aptly expressed

As much as we like to claim that we’re strong
We can’t deny the beauty of a woman
With features so definitive that they define life itself
Nor can you deny the power of a good and timely song

You see! as much as you wanna call life a bitch
Yet you haven’t thrown in the towel
Although you may not be what we call rich,
At least you’ve not been heaped on by a shovel

You still have breath in your nostrils
So you still have the chance to eat more grills
Learn more skills
And get many more thrills

From your Fiend – This Life


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Woman, Thou art Loose

I look at her and the word perverse comes to mind
With insane and delinquent trying to hide
What she is wearing is enough to cause blisters on my eye
That i couldn’t help but look away indignantly

Unfortunately i fell into a nearby ditch
Rage takes hold and my anger begins to seethe
Why did i have to fall for looking away?
It’s unfair what would have happened if i was driving on the freeway

Indecent exposure, the bane of our generation
Its like hemlines and necklines signed a contract of annihilation
In an attempt to be attractively sui-generic
Values are thrown into the wastebin and dignity follows suit

I wonder what runs through their minds while standing before the mirror
I wonder what they feel while walking down the street
With clothes much thinner than a linen bed sheet
And then i wonder, do we use the same mirror?

What was once perceived as precious and should be scarce
Has been found to be a lie as it litters everywhere
Perhaps they need to learn protection and not deprotection
Or what do we do about this change of perception?

A lot has changed i guess
But nudity is not the next best trend
Its a menace that should be curbed
And irate perception returned to normal

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Precious Jewel

This is to my dear friend Olajumoke Lawal


Sitting before the waterfall at Queens hall

I saw the night sky pale against your skin

you stood out in a colour i can.t try to name

But i can only describe as beautiful


Charcoal can’t rival your darkness

But in beauty, even Cleopatra can’t contest

Beauty not needing any form of adornment to harness

You’re simply matchless, i need not be dishonest


Fear and wonder collided to produce you

Sashaying gently with radiant smiles always gracing your lips

Your kempt hair can’t but draw attention

I’m sure it makes a lot of men stand to attention


Time with you is value added time

The type of friendship i never want to ditch

By you my tent i’ll surely pitch

Not being the best friend all along is my crime


The Sun shines brazenly on the horizon

And trust me i’ve seen its beauty

But you OLUWAJUMOKE are a sui-generic rarity

A gift to your generation, a timely blessing

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