Precious Jewel

02 Jun

This is to my dear friend Olajumoke Lawal


Sitting before the waterfall at Queens hall

I saw the night sky pale against your skin

you stood out in a colour i can.t try to name

But i can only describe as beautiful


Charcoal can’t rival your darkness

But in beauty, even Cleopatra can’t contest

Beauty not needing any form of adornment to harness

You’re simply matchless, i need not be dishonest


Fear and wonder collided to produce you

Sashaying gently with radiant smiles always gracing your lips

Your kempt hair can’t but draw attention

I’m sure it makes a lot of men stand to attention


Time with you is value added time

The type of friendship i never want to ditch

By you my tent i’ll surely pitch

Not being the best friend all along is my crime


The Sun shines brazenly on the horizon

And trust me i’ve seen its beauty

But you OLUWAJUMOKE are a sui-generic rarity

A gift to your generation, a timely blessing

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Posted by on June 2, 2011 in Just Playing Around, Poetry


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