Woman, Thou art Loose

03 Jun

I look at her and the word perverse comes to mind
With insane and delinquent trying to hide
What she is wearing is enough to cause blisters on my eye
That i couldn’t help but look away indignantly

Unfortunately i fell into a nearby ditch
Rage takes hold and my anger begins to seethe
Why did i have to fall for looking away?
It’s unfair what would have happened if i was driving on the freeway

Indecent exposure, the bane of our generation
Its like hemlines and necklines signed a contract of annihilation
In an attempt to be attractively sui-generic
Values are thrown into the wastebin and dignity follows suit

I wonder what runs through their minds while standing before the mirror
I wonder what they feel while walking down the street
With clothes much thinner than a linen bed sheet
And then i wonder, do we use the same mirror?

What was once perceived as precious and should be scarce
Has been found to be a lie as it litters everywhere
Perhaps they need to learn protection and not deprotection
Or what do we do about this change of perception?

A lot has changed i guess
But nudity is not the next best trend
Its a menace that should be curbed
And irate perception returned to normal

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Posted by on June 3, 2011 in Poetry, Social commentary


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