In Times of Despair

14 Jun

Look around you if you must
but i can assure you u’ll get nothing but dust
in times when things look so bleak
All strength gone and you are so damn weak

Reason to keep Going on
You have none
Battling with the resolve to give up
Striving so hard not to flop

stopped in ur tracks by the overwhelming weight u av to carry
It might come in any way that it myt even be scary
But Be of Good cheer cos i’ve got news for you
Take time to look at the sun as it comes out of the blue

The night cant last longer than it can
But if you look deep within You will know that you can
Why give up and live with the feeling of failure
when u can Look up to god draw energy from his unfailing allure

Its when you are hardest hit
That you should know that Ur success is important
If it aint important it wont be dis rough
Just stand firm and show them you are tough

Dont let the lemons being thrown at u deter you
Rather make lemonade in the prescence of the worlds view
Succeed Cos it aint just about you
So do whatever it is that you have to do.

just get to the finish line

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Posted by on June 14, 2011 in Inspiration, Poetry


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