Your Love

14 Jun

i’m embraced by your love
Enthralled and entwined by your awe
the beauties that only you can conjure
the bright lights that darkness can’t endure
i’d deeply attracted by its sui-generic allure

i know no matter what the enemy can conjure
He’ll keep me safe. of that i’m sure
even if atimes i take a detour
he is always there with an open door
Ready to forgive and restore
Even to places greater than before

Even when storms of life takes off my moor
and everything around me turns dour
the plan of my life He can always redraw
there is none like Him who is pure
And he’s got nothing to gain from war
His herald is peace; of mind and much more

he has given me a happy demeanour
and told me to enjoy in His parlor
Great times ain’t hard to recapture
Cos around me, there are no signs of gore
He has bathed me with His splendor
and there i am, oblivious of the rancour
Which all around me does occur
And i pray His wrath i’ll never incur
God is Lord now and forevermore
Now and till i die, i’ll always concur

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Posted by on June 14, 2011 in Christianity, Poetry


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