Her Smile

06 Jul

A perfect concave etched on a live fresco.
Accompanied by a befitting convex below.
Opening up to reveal immaculately white dentures.
Insinuating nothing but divine architecture.

Relaxation of face muscles: so defining.
Able to produce the same in others: so amazing.
Gazing upon you brings my heart delight.
Your sui-generic smile: an enrapturing sight.

I long to read the mind of God As to the creation of such.
A rippling after effect occurs accross the board.
Allegorical to blessings after church.

If i don’t tell you your smile is wonderful.
It wouldn’t just be bad, it will be rueful.
I try to imagine the worst case scenario.
But the worst i can come up with is u laughing: what a jolly fellow.
Dedicated to Modupeore Adebola Adeyemi. Whose smile melts and bring out of even the hardest men d softest of smiles

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Posted by on July 6, 2011 in Just Playing Around, Poetry


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