The Swap

18 Jul

I sit staring at the jukebox of life
Wondering what it would play next
Wondering if i’m yet to see my best
Not knowing what song fate will deem fit.

Cos in life, i’ve been thrown hither and thither
By every high and stormy gale
I’ve tried to stop it, even as hope withers
Crumbling into the forlorn pool of despondence.

Then a little bird spoke to me.
Where it came from i knew not
Whoever sent it must have me in mind
Cos it told me of a whole new world i knew not.

One of love beyond measure
Of grace greater than any treasure
Where my effort is not required
Cos pardon is not by myself acquired.

A world of limitless possibilities
No woes, no strife, just positivities
Where God in flesh has won it all for me
Simply by taking my place.

My place He took as He died for me
And set me at liberty
Free from this world and its many contraptions
To let the God in me get full expression

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Posted by on July 18, 2011 in Christianity, Inspiration, Poetry



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