If i may

27 Jul

If i may, let me speak
Of the wonders my eyes have beheld
My eyes sparkled and a tinge ran through and to my head
And in a matter of seconds, my knees became weak

If i may, let me describe
The one who plays the strings of my heart
The one whose sight and thought of makes my heart kick-start
The one whose name on my heart i’ll inscribe

If you’ll listen, let me tell you about her
She causes the wind to halt its north-eastern passage
The atmosphere is charged by her aura and her carriage
With or without effort, she exudes charm
With her hair neatly permed
Must tell u, she has me charmed

If u may, see for yourself
Cos words desert me Each time i try
to describe her
And then you will see
that masterpieces of nature exist
And she for sure is one of them.

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Posted by on July 27, 2011 in Inspiration, Maiden, Poetry


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