King of This World

30 Jul

If i were King of this world
The one and sovereing lord
Worse than has ever been seen will occur
This life would be filled with more gore

Humans can’t act devoid of emotions
Love, hatred stress culminating in commotion
Angry? and i’ld blaze thunder on the east side
Too happy? and i’ll cause an avalanche on the mountain side

Doing what i want when i want it
No limits cos i’m second to none
The hilarity of the situation wont just fit
Cos no one will be laughing but me. No not one!

I would rewrite history books my way
Hitler would become Adam
Tower of Babel would be completed
So i can stroll the earth whenever i feel like on any given day

A second throne would i build on earth
To me alone would all the worship be
Anyone who doesnt from the bottom of their heart
Would die in whatever way pleases me

Everyone would live in fear of me
Cos it will be my way or the highway
Terror will rule and men cringe in front of me
i’ll do worse than any ruler the world has seen cos i;m supreme

I’ll raise nations against nations just for sport
Flatten mountains and elevate valleys
Please myself since there can be no retort
I’ll give the world a taste of my wrath’s chalice

The lightning bolt would be my staff
To burn whoever dare stand before me to ash like chaff
Take a second to imagine the chaos
Im man were to be God

So, Reign on Great King
Cos none can do the things you do
keeping dis world in order
With your love, REIGN ON!!!

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Posted by on July 30, 2011 in Maiden


One response to “King of This World

  1. Mograteful: Life as unusual.

    August 8, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    I think as King of d world, u wldnt be as horrible as d picture u just painted, though u’d never be as perfect a king as d Great King is. He’s just n merciful -dt underline all He does.
    D King’s replicated/ representd in us, rule n reign on earth in awe of Him, we must.


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