Wannabe? Don’t! 1

10 Aug

Americans are perhaps the best users of diction, their word forms are wonderful(if not intriguing). The way they mould words and form new words that are all too expressive.”wannabe”! Etymologically, it can be split into two, ‘wanna’ and ‘be’. ‘Wanna on the other hand is another example of american ingenuity with words and can also be split into ‘want’ and ‘to’. Therefore, wannabe means ‘want to be’.
In this part of the world(Nigeria), we are more direct with our use of words, you hear words like ‘copycat’. The two ‘words’ mean basically the same thing. A wannabe simply is someone who wants to be either something he/she is not or somebody else.
A friend of mine’s quatrain comes to mind at this present time

“Of a sort, man is a fool
When its cool, he wants it hot
When its hot, he wants it cool
Always wanting what is not.(DIADEM)

The major sign of someone who doesn’t know himself/herself is variableness and fickleness of the highest order. Fashion magazines and celebrities become the template for their lives, chained to the unabating varying desires of society. Too busy conforming to find meaning to your existence and giving the real you expression!
Whats wrong with reading fashion mags n all u may ask, but come to think of it. I read them too, but i still live my life by my own rules and make myself happy doing so.
Let me chip in something here, there is a difference between becoming a better person and becoming a ‘wannabe’. Its the template that makes the difference. Are you building your life on the life of another person? Dos and don’ts? Likes and dislikes? Even to the point of footsteps. (can u imagine). You get so intrigued by the whole prospect of being known as someone’s look alike and forget that you are a person also. With two eyes, legs etc. Your brain is the same as theirs, why not use it, make yourself better and even become a reference point yourself.


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