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Here Again

I don’t wanna scream
Grown men don’t do that
But i can’t help that feeling, or so it seems
I’m here laughing at myself as a matter of fact.

Mildly regretting the words i’ve said
Like the proverbial egg; out and broken
Not retractable, it fell hard & fast like lead
To imagine i said it ‘just like that’, as if i was joking.

“I’m Officialy Out Of The Game”
What wimpy utterings of a sulky little child
Denied his usual 5 minutes of fame
Attempting to do his best at getting wild.

Dearest ego, where did u go?
Where were you when i uttered such nonsense?
Aren’t you supposed to protect me from folly? So much so?
To have my back & talk into me some sense?

I promise myself i won’t write this poem twice
But i failed, and i’m back in this darned place
For whatever reason i couldn’t make the splice
Off The Saddle, Off The Horse, Out Of The Race.

Giving up? Throwing in The Towel?
Don’t even look at me as you ask that question
I don’t plan to beg and/or grovel
Hey! Don’t you put me out of contention.

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Say cheese!

If we live life in pictures, how
many pictures does yours contain
and how much fun will i get if i go
thru them?
Will i laugh, cry, be inspired or be
bored and drop them in a jiffy?
Will it contain just you and you
alone or be filled with times with
people, different people.
People that have made you laff, or
people who you have put laughter
on their faces.
Will i see you filled with glee as
you go about breaking hearts,
and making sorry folks ask
questions about themselves.
Will i see people hoping happily to
see you again or those who dread
their next unescapable meeting
with you.
Will i see you compassionately
dipping your hands into your
pocket and parting with your
hard earned cash to give to the
beggar on the street? Or how
with disdain you referred to them
as constituting nuisance to the
If i were to hold in my hands, the
pictures of your burial ceremony,
would you be confident to go
through them with me, or turn
away in fear?
If i were to take a headcount,
what number would be your
Would it all be filled with only
familiar faces? Your family and
immediate friends only?
Will i see your name etched on
your tombstone or written with
If you die, who will know you
lived but you?
Mind you, i said ‘if’ not ‘when’ cos
it may be sooner than we pray,
plan or envisage. Suffice to say,
don’t think you still have time to
make impact in people’s life. All
you have is now. Use it!

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The Tunnel’s end

No sacrifice can take away the pain
I stand here with teary eyes
Blinking in rapid succession
Trying to prevent the deluge of tears from turnin to unabating rain.

See me now, even i don’t undastand how.
Confusion is the only constant thing i feel.
I dont even feel me smile.
Not so sure if i remember how.

The once clear divide between night and day.
Has melted away, much so i cant tell
What side of d clock i dwell
The future? I don’t even know what u are talking about today.

But though i know not what the future holds
And i may not be free from the past’s choke hold
Still i keep moving.

I may stumble and fall
Crumble when i should stand stall
Crawl when i should run,
But i keep moving, in the general direction of the sun.

I might not be able to open my mouth and say it,
But deep down i know it.
If i keep moving,
I would bathe in the light at the end of the tunnel.

But honestly, it seems so far away

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Big to Small

Change they say, is the only constant thing in life but nothing or no one gives a heading as to the direction of the change, whether anterograde or retrograde, nobody really dictates it. It seems as if nature having heard that change is the only constant thing just keeps changing of its own volition in whatever direction. While musing, i just came across a few observations that things have been moving retro when it comes to size. Whether there is something to learn from it, i do not know, this is just an observation. Big to small!

1. Gone are the days of supercomputers that took up a whole building complex and required such complexities to operate and run. The ish right now is not even laptops which are slowly becoming too big to carry about. Why shout when you can whisper right?

2. Graham Bell’s discovery was not only an important one but one that would redefine the whole idea of communication- the phone. This gadget was in no way portable but was placed on the wall or on the table. But somehow, its size kept reducing until we land where we are today

3. A random survey shows that guys prefer their girls to be shorter or smaller or even younger than them. As normal as this sounds, it has its advantages, its just an observation o!

4. Funny as this may sound, even the bible says that the kingdom of God is likened to the children and that for one to enter; one has to be like them. After i don comot beer beer o!

5. Once upon a time, ladies would completely cover their bodies, cover their hair, cover their feet and cover everything but nowadays, reverse is the case, the thing keeps getting “micronized” up to the point that although present, it’s impossible to see the clothes but what is beneath is all too clear.

6. Girls skirt is perhaps one of the things that has suffered most from this reverse syndrome. From the skirts in fairy tales that Cinderella wore, it reduced till it became those sweeping ones and somewhere along the timeline, i have no idea how or when, what i just know is that there became a divide and it became breeches, trousers and finally landed at pencil trousers which i hear is even beginning to go out of fashion and that its stretch trousers that do not attempt to conceal what is beneath them.

7. Guys too didn’t escape it, from the days of baggy trousers, the whole shizzle mix lasted for a while which then gave way to the classical boot cut which our parents used in cruising their era. This lasted less than the former and eventually led to the days of straight trousers (cut and sow) which most of our uncles – Well, at least mine- still wear. And all of a sudden, even these became too big and they started calling it “who dash you”. The in thing nowadays is the skinny jeans,

8. Lets go retro a little bit here, and vivify the picture of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it wouldn’t be complete without the mustache, Hitler, anybody that you want to name, the mustache remains, even our own Herbert Macaulay has his own classical buffalo horn mustache, but all that has gone, as beautiful as they are, they are all gone, relegated only to the pictures of the ancients. Now that region is as clean as a bald eagles head. Even those long beards are starting to give way. Guy –check the beards of the first seven people around you or that you meet after reading this piece. And if you are a le femme- do the same thing. For whatever reason, that we decided to let go of the whole things.

9. Also gone are the days of sprawling office complexes requiring large number of staff for effective running. Poof! In the twinkle of an eye, that became so unnecessary and outdated. Because these days, office complexes have become obsolete as they now occupy virtually no space – The Internet

10. This is perhaps the one i like most in all these observations, the last and only standing member of the seven wonders of the new world is the pyramid that stands tall in Gaza. This architectural masterpiece produced at the height of the Egyptian empire was built from bottom to top and from base to tip and from large to small.
These are just observations sha. If there any inferences to make, i leave them to you

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Tabula rasa none the less

The human mind is one amazing entity. Totally unpredictable in its actions such that it cant but leave even the owner stumped(at least mine leaves me stumped and im certain it cant be only me out of over 6 billion people).
Take yourself back to when you were younger…i mean much younger…dnt stop until you get to the neonate point. Yeah! Stop right there and think with me. According to Freudian Psychology, d child’s mind is described as tabula rasa – a clean slate. Mehn that is something i can kill for right now. Such innocence and pureness of heart such that the Bible says such is the kingdom of God.
Things come really easy. Food anytime you so much as cry(especially if the child’s mother is not around. Any whimper, and hunger is always the first thing and its remedied by food).
What do you have to worry about, nothing! Your mother’s breast are going nowhere, u dont think of what to wear, where to live. No heartbreaks yet, no bothers at all.

But change being the only constant thing happens, as you grow older, ‘things’ happen that shape your view of the world. Perhaps u were the firstborn, the joy extended in your direction was beyond heart warming, it was explosive, the attention you were recieving was so much, ur father became jealous. It was heaven on earth.
But then as if out of the blue, a second child arrives and the sudden change is so surprising, it leaves an indelible mark.

Maybe you watched your dad beat ur mum as a child growing up, u cry asking mummy ‘why?’. Wantin to protect you from the harsh realities of life, she probably told you ‘its because he loves me’ forgetin that no one can escape the harsh side of life.

In school, maybe some punk gave u a ridiculous name dat everybody in school picked up and you were laughed at at every turm and opportunity.

Perhaps you saw your girlfriend with your bestfriend doing ‘things’ you had not even thought of doing yet. And you are like…ehn ehn!

In tandem with the Freudian psychology, all these incidents and occurences make imprints on the erstwhile clean slate!

Have you ever wondered how people can be so callous and d next minute you meet someone so niiice and you are like wow. What contrast?!

Our experiences may influence our makeup, but its our choices that make us. The things we decide to do are those things that make us into whatever we become. The past cant be changed i can assure you. Even if you find a time travelling capsule, u can only go back and ‘see’. Wen u return, nothing would have changed, so wisdom demands you dont sweat it. Start with now and make decisions that will influence your future and make it a happy one.
Your joy is your responsibility. Circumstances have done their bit, the rest is yours to do.

The past has lessons to teach. Learn them and move on! The present = the future = your decisions.
You must take the highground in the battlefield of the mind. Win the battle of despondence and complacency, win the war over letting your past crippled you.

So, go ahead and create a new world for yourself.
Hasarla (c) 2011

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Don’t Worry; Be Happy

With Bobby McFerrin’s song softly singing into my ears, his message of hope is what i bring for you.
He says don’t worry be happy. Even when despondence stares you in the face. and try as you
can, you just can see the way out, please don’t worry. when you get to THAT point in life,
you must be able to identify those things that can and can’t help you. i personally have walked that course,
charted that route, and i tell you categorically that fear and neither worry can help you.
So they shouldn’t be your companion when all looks bleak. If i will die, i will rather die happy than with surlyness.

1. Always try to see the brighter side of every incidence or circumstance
2. Believe me this, no matter how dismal it looks, one thing i’m sure is that someone somewhere is not probably, but certainly
worse than yours. so cheer up!
3. Get a new mantra, that you will chant all day long. “IT WILL BE WELL”. it doesn’t have to look like it,
you just have to say it, believe it and right before your very eyes, It will be well

I was once asked that if i was to choose between the lion and the deep blue sea, which would i choose. tough one huh?
but then time was ticking so i said the deep blue sea. Why? the person asked. i told her that if i jump into the water and stay
still, i wont sink and rather float, so what i have to battle with would be hypothermia i.e freezing to death
and that won’t happen suddenly. maybe while i’m out there, the coast guard, a random fisherman or a fishing trawler would capture me(maybe in their fishing net)
and bring me to safety. Who knows? but its not impossible. perhaps a playful dolphin will throw me in the air a couple of times and
attract peoples attention to my predicament, like i said, Who knows? Punchline is Hope and not worry will keep me alive.
And even if my wildest wishes didn’t come to pass. i would die with a smile on my face.
and somebody somewhere will post my story somewhere and people will read and get inspired. bottomline is. Stay Positive

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What direction are You facing?

What Direction Are You Facing
Upon seeing a four directional star, what naturally comes to mind is the four cardinal points, viz; north, south, east, west, with the east to west outlining the suns daily passage. But beneath all these, a lesson is to be learnt. What direction are you facing? Forward, backward, or sideways? Forward means just what it means, and backwards also means what it means; living in the past, sideways means living in the present moment. An understanding of what these directions mean is essential for analysis of your current position and future attainments
Facing the forward direction simply means one thing, moving towards the future at full blast, irrespective of what may have happened in the past, or whatever it is that may be happening around them. They are strong proponents of the saying “tough times don’t last but tough people do”. Their dreams are well laid out before them and they wake up to each day with a purpose in mind, time is no joke with them. They don’t doubt themselves, their abilities and their beliefs. They never give ear to hearsay. They give their best to everything and get the best out of life. “Yes we can!” you can always hear them say. You can call them the ‘yes’ people.
Looking sideways is you living in the moment. There exists two major directions when looking sideways (unless you want to discuss advanced physics) – right and left. The right side will be the positive side; the good things about you, around you, the good things that you have achieved. Before delving into this, I’ll like to make a point; living in the now may prevent you from seeing the great future ahead of you.
These people are easily waylaid by pride in; 1. The good things about them, this blinds them to their deficiencies and hence they don’t get better, they are full of themselves; 2. They are full of past glory, ancient achievements, never striving for the unimaginable future glory but seem content with the whole world knowing about them; 3. They are beguiled by the good things surrounding them- their parents’ wealth, their good luck etc, this blinds them to reality, and overconfidence which leads to underestimation of life’s many challenges.
Someone once said that every 5 years, he would destroy every success he has achieved over the years, not destroy them literally of course, but get them out of his sight and head; all plaques, awards etc will be taken off the wall so that he can start again with the intention of surpassing every of his achievements. This helps to renew your zeal instead of becoming satisfied with them all.
The left side on the other hand represent everything around you that will make you not go forward and that if you explain it to anybody, they would understand and even tell you a heartfelt ‘sorry’. Your humble background is nothing but a lesson in humility, and to teach you that life gives ‘it’ to only those who demand for it. So get that out of your head now! You have no excuse, if you see yourself giving too many excuses for what you should have done; busy rationalizing when you know you should have done what was right. These people use words like “you don’t understand” a lot, it’s just a ruse because they know that when they tell you, it will sound somehow (stupid) as it comes out of their mouth. They concentrate on the forces against them instead of the forces for you. Let me let you in on a little secret; you have this super mystical ability, whatever you focus on gets bigger, and that which you neglect becomes smaller. So if you focus on your weaknesses and inadequacies, they become bigger while the things that matter – your strength gets smaller because you don’t take cognizance of it. So also if you focus on your strengths, no matter how small it may seem to you, it will become bigger and those weaknesses that appear so daunting will diminish in your very sight till they become inconsequential.
I don’t think looking backwards needs any introduction, its despondence and fear of and for the future; Clinging to the tendrils of the past. As far as i know, nobody can look up and down at the same time, neither look forward and backwards. So looking backwards is the opposite of everything that is But seriously its refusing to love because you have been hurt before, refusing to climb because you have fallen before, refusing to try at all for fear of failure, not knowing that to FAIL means to get your First Attempt In Learning. A Yoruba adage says, “ti eshin ba da ni, a n tun gun ni”. Meaning that if a horse falls you down while riding it, you climb it again. People who face backwards never achieve anything in life, not because they can’t, but because they never tried.
So, what direction are you facing? Remember the best form of foresight is hindsight laced with insight. If anything happened to you in the past, either ‘fate’ or as a result of your methods or for whatever reason, find out why what went wrong, what you did wrong, learn whatever lesson to learn from it and move on! To the ‘rightists’, don’t ever get satisfied with what you have or who you are, just like the Pepsi logo, ‘Dare for more!’. To the ‘leftists’, i daresay all you need is one reason to go forward. You may have a thousand and one reasons not to take that forward step, but all you need is just one reason to go on. Once you find it, hold on to it firmly and never let it go. To those looking back, there is something for you. Ask yourself this simple question, “What is the worst that could happen?” Paint the most gruesome picture your mind can create, then tell it,” Is that your best? I’m going to be the best of me there ever was and be happy doing it and if that is the worst that could happen; then bring it on!” So I ask you again, what direction are you facing?

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