Don’t Worry; Be Happy

09 Oct

With Bobby McFerrin’s song softly singing into my ears, his message of hope is what i bring for you.
He says don’t worry be happy. Even when despondence stares you in the face. and try as you
can, you just can see the way out, please don’t worry. when you get to THAT point in life,
you must be able to identify those things that can and can’t help you. i personally have walked that course,
charted that route, and i tell you categorically that fear and neither worry can help you.
So they shouldn’t be your companion when all looks bleak. If i will die, i will rather die happy than with surlyness.

1. Always try to see the brighter side of every incidence or circumstance
2. Believe me this, no matter how dismal it looks, one thing i’m sure is that someone somewhere is not probably, but certainly
worse than yours. so cheer up!
3. Get a new mantra, that you will chant all day long. “IT WILL BE WELL”. it doesn’t have to look like it,
you just have to say it, believe it and right before your very eyes, It will be well

I was once asked that if i was to choose between the lion and the deep blue sea, which would i choose. tough one huh?
but then time was ticking so i said the deep blue sea. Why? the person asked. i told her that if i jump into the water and stay
still, i wont sink and rather float, so what i have to battle with would be hypothermia i.e freezing to death
and that won’t happen suddenly. maybe while i’m out there, the coast guard, a random fisherman or a fishing trawler would capture me(maybe in their fishing net)
and bring me to safety. Who knows? but its not impossible. perhaps a playful dolphin will throw me in the air a couple of times and
attract peoples attention to my predicament, like i said, Who knows? Punchline is Hope and not worry will keep me alive.
And even if my wildest wishes didn’t come to pass. i would die with a smile on my face.
and somebody somewhere will post my story somewhere and people will read and get inspired. bottomline is. Stay Positive

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Posted by on October 9, 2011 in Maiden


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