Tabula rasa none the less

13 Oct

The human mind is one amazing entity. Totally unpredictable in its actions such that it cant but leave even the owner stumped(at least mine leaves me stumped and im certain it cant be only me out of over 6 billion people).
Take yourself back to when you were younger…i mean much younger…dnt stop until you get to the neonate point. Yeah! Stop right there and think with me. According to Freudian Psychology, d child’s mind is described as tabula rasa – a clean slate. Mehn that is something i can kill for right now. Such innocence and pureness of heart such that the Bible says such is the kingdom of God.
Things come really easy. Food anytime you so much as cry(especially if the child’s mother is not around. Any whimper, and hunger is always the first thing and its remedied by food).
What do you have to worry about, nothing! Your mother’s breast are going nowhere, u dont think of what to wear, where to live. No heartbreaks yet, no bothers at all.

But change being the only constant thing happens, as you grow older, ‘things’ happen that shape your view of the world. Perhaps u were the firstborn, the joy extended in your direction was beyond heart warming, it was explosive, the attention you were recieving was so much, ur father became jealous. It was heaven on earth.
But then as if out of the blue, a second child arrives and the sudden change is so surprising, it leaves an indelible mark.

Maybe you watched your dad beat ur mum as a child growing up, u cry asking mummy ‘why?’. Wantin to protect you from the harsh realities of life, she probably told you ‘its because he loves me’ forgetin that no one can escape the harsh side of life.

In school, maybe some punk gave u a ridiculous name dat everybody in school picked up and you were laughed at at every turm and opportunity.

Perhaps you saw your girlfriend with your bestfriend doing ‘things’ you had not even thought of doing yet. And you are like…ehn ehn!

In tandem with the Freudian psychology, all these incidents and occurences make imprints on the erstwhile clean slate!

Have you ever wondered how people can be so callous and d next minute you meet someone so niiice and you are like wow. What contrast?!

Our experiences may influence our makeup, but its our choices that make us. The things we decide to do are those things that make us into whatever we become. The past cant be changed i can assure you. Even if you find a time travelling capsule, u can only go back and ‘see’. Wen u return, nothing would have changed, so wisdom demands you dont sweat it. Start with now and make decisions that will influence your future and make it a happy one.
Your joy is your responsibility. Circumstances have done their bit, the rest is yours to do.

The past has lessons to teach. Learn them and move on! The present = the future = your decisions.
You must take the highground in the battlefield of the mind. Win the battle of despondence and complacency, win the war over letting your past crippled you.

So, go ahead and create a new world for yourself.
Hasarla (c) 2011

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One response to “Tabula rasa none the less

  1. hasarla

    October 13, 2011 at 11:43 am

    please forgive the blunder in the 2nd to the last paragraph. I typed on my phone and editing is not easy. Thanks


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