Big to Small

14 Oct

Change they say, is the only constant thing in life but nothing or no one gives a heading as to the direction of the change, whether anterograde or retrograde, nobody really dictates it. It seems as if nature having heard that change is the only constant thing just keeps changing of its own volition in whatever direction. While musing, i just came across a few observations that things have been moving retro when it comes to size. Whether there is something to learn from it, i do not know, this is just an observation. Big to small!

1. Gone are the days of supercomputers that took up a whole building complex and required such complexities to operate and run. The ish right now is not even laptops which are slowly becoming too big to carry about. Why shout when you can whisper right?

2. Graham Bell’s discovery was not only an important one but one that would redefine the whole idea of communication- the phone. This gadget was in no way portable but was placed on the wall or on the table. But somehow, its size kept reducing until we land where we are today

3. A random survey shows that guys prefer their girls to be shorter or smaller or even younger than them. As normal as this sounds, it has its advantages, its just an observation o!

4. Funny as this may sound, even the bible says that the kingdom of God is likened to the children and that for one to enter; one has to be like them. After i don comot beer beer o!

5. Once upon a time, ladies would completely cover their bodies, cover their hair, cover their feet and cover everything but nowadays, reverse is the case, the thing keeps getting “micronized” up to the point that although present, it’s impossible to see the clothes but what is beneath is all too clear.

6. Girls skirt is perhaps one of the things that has suffered most from this reverse syndrome. From the skirts in fairy tales that Cinderella wore, it reduced till it became those sweeping ones and somewhere along the timeline, i have no idea how or when, what i just know is that there became a divide and it became breeches, trousers and finally landed at pencil trousers which i hear is even beginning to go out of fashion and that its stretch trousers that do not attempt to conceal what is beneath them.

7. Guys too didn’t escape it, from the days of baggy trousers, the whole shizzle mix lasted for a while which then gave way to the classical boot cut which our parents used in cruising their era. This lasted less than the former and eventually led to the days of straight trousers (cut and sow) which most of our uncles – Well, at least mine- still wear. And all of a sudden, even these became too big and they started calling it “who dash you”. The in thing nowadays is the skinny jeans,

8. Lets go retro a little bit here, and vivify the picture of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it wouldn’t be complete without the mustache, Hitler, anybody that you want to name, the mustache remains, even our own Herbert Macaulay has his own classical buffalo horn mustache, but all that has gone, as beautiful as they are, they are all gone, relegated only to the pictures of the ancients. Now that region is as clean as a bald eagles head. Even those long beards are starting to give way. Guy –check the beards of the first seven people around you or that you meet after reading this piece. And if you are a le femme- do the same thing. For whatever reason, that we decided to let go of the whole things.

9. Also gone are the days of sprawling office complexes requiring large number of staff for effective running. Poof! In the twinkle of an eye, that became so unnecessary and outdated. Because these days, office complexes have become obsolete as they now occupy virtually no space – The Internet

10. This is perhaps the one i like most in all these observations, the last and only standing member of the seven wonders of the new world is the pyramid that stands tall in Gaza. This architectural masterpiece produced at the height of the Egyptian empire was built from bottom to top and from base to tip and from large to small.
These are just observations sha. If there any inferences to make, i leave them to you

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  1. Dr. Omena

    November 18, 2011 at 3:09 am

    I love your writeups, pls do not relent.


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