Say cheese!

15 Oct

If we live life in pictures, how
many pictures does yours contain
and how much fun will i get if i go
thru them?
Will i laugh, cry, be inspired or be
bored and drop them in a jiffy?
Will it contain just you and you
alone or be filled with times with
people, different people.
People that have made you laff, or
people who you have put laughter
on their faces.
Will i see you filled with glee as
you go about breaking hearts,
and making sorry folks ask
questions about themselves.
Will i see people hoping happily to
see you again or those who dread
their next unescapable meeting
with you.
Will i see you compassionately
dipping your hands into your
pocket and parting with your
hard earned cash to give to the
beggar on the street? Or how
with disdain you referred to them
as constituting nuisance to the
If i were to hold in my hands, the
pictures of your burial ceremony,
would you be confident to go
through them with me, or turn
away in fear?
If i were to take a headcount,
what number would be your
Would it all be filled with only
familiar faces? Your family and
immediate friends only?
Will i see your name etched on
your tombstone or written with
If you die, who will know you
lived but you?
Mind you, i said ‘if’ not ‘when’ cos
it may be sooner than we pray,
plan or envisage. Suffice to say,
don’t think you still have time to
make impact in people’s life. All
you have is now. Use it!

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Posted by on October 15, 2011 in Maiden


One response to “Say cheese!

  1. oreoluwade

    May 3, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Your message strikes a chord like the others. Draws the common man to take a long hard look at himself and determine whether he’s living a life that’ll count for something at the end of his days.


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