Here Again

26 Oct

I don’t wanna scream
Grown men don’t do that
But i can’t help that feeling, or so it seems
I’m here laughing at myself as a matter of fact.

Mildly regretting the words i’ve said
Like the proverbial egg; out and broken
Not retractable, it fell hard & fast like lead
To imagine i said it ‘just like that’, as if i was joking.

“I’m Officialy Out Of The Game”
What wimpy utterings of a sulky little child
Denied his usual 5 minutes of fame
Attempting to do his best at getting wild.

Dearest ego, where did u go?
Where were you when i uttered such nonsense?
Aren’t you supposed to protect me from folly? So much so?
To have my back & talk into me some sense?

I promise myself i won’t write this poem twice
But i failed, and i’m back in this darned place
For whatever reason i couldn’t make the splice
Off The Saddle, Off The Horse, Out Of The Race.

Giving up? Throwing in The Towel?
Don’t even look at me as you ask that question
I don’t plan to beg and/or grovel
Hey! Don’t you put me out of contention.

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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in Inspiration, Maiden, Poetry


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