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Preventable Mishaps

Different schools of thought have been developed over the centuries, many philosophies have emerged and no one can out rightly discredit another person’s life philosophy. As a person, I have enrolled in some schools of thought myself, among which is the above. I’ll kick myself in the balls if something I could have prevented happens to me. If I had a gun, I’d probably shoot myself in the leg. Seriously!
I was coming from work one day when I stopped at the BRT bus station, while waiting for the bus, I took some time to observe my surroundings. A girl walked by and my breath caught in mid-fill. Not that she was that beautiful (I don’t think you can prevent It was what she was wearing! I did a double-take and finally decided to write on it.
Don’t forget we are still not over the Abia gang rape, how does this relate you ask? I’m not one of those guys who blame the girl for everything that has happened (even back to Adam and Eve). No! Everybody always has a share of the blame to take but this is not the case. Those guys are sick psychos, there is nothing more inhuman than what they did, considering this is an era where consent isn’t so difficult to get.
My focus in more on the random guy on the Streets; A journalist once told me that “you don’t necessarily have to understand why people do what they do, you don’t necessarily have to accept it, judge it if you will, but understand It nonetheless”. So, the streets is not an ideal place for anyone to grow up, you have to be ‘sharp’ and give Charles Darwin thumbs up because out there, it’s evolve or die! And to survive, you pick up certain traits – none of them savory. The most popular one being drugs and alcohol. The Dutch courage it gives and the feeling of invincibility it gives is something everybody should be aware and wary of.
Interestingly, my mother said anytime she has to pass under the bridge in Ikeja – the one near Computer Village, she and her colleagues would with a loud voice sing gospel hymns from as far back as 5 meters before reaching the bridge. This is to draw attention to themselves right? But it does just the opposite. It’s a “BEWARE! ‘Omo Jesu lo nbo’( Jesus’ children are coming). This is based on their knowledge of the terrain. They know what the boys resident on that turf are capable of doing so they exempt themselves from their list of “possibles”.
This is not a resolution of what’s right and wrong; it’s what is best for you. It’s you protecting yourself from possible mishap in this case Rape. Wisdom they say is profitable to direct and wisdom is the application of knowledge. Knowledge of and about everything that concerns you isn’t too much to ask as you don’t know which or what would save you in the nearest future.
There are multipurpose clothing that you can wear anywhere, anytime with no problem whatsoever. There are some other ones called suggestive clothing which as the name implies, suggests options to the observers head, it plants ideas in the guy’s head and ideas they say rule the world but this time around, he is about to rule YOUR world! Suffice to say, know what to wear and when to wear based on your knowledge of where you are going each day and your knowledge of the terrain.
It’s no news that “boiz are not smiling”, hustling since morning with nothing tangible to show for it, he then decides to go ahead and “forget his sorrows”. He gets a bottle of alcohol and downs as much as his throat can take, probably he gets a wrap of weed to aid its digestion. He is technically stoned, physically high and spiritually/morally shut down. A girl now strolls by him wearing nothing but skimpy spaghetti and a micro-mini skirt, flaunting her natural endowments, throwing them hither and thither in the name of freedom. God help her if they are more than one and with darkness on their side. The news media would describe it as a gruesome dehumanizing act which is what it is, but what if she could have prevented it? Would that not have been the wise choice? She could have worn something else or taken another route or this or that. You can get stuck on asking what ifs and creating scenarios or you could just let wisdom direct you and keep you safe from the harsh realities of the world we live in.

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