Ode To A Fresco of Pulchritude

29 Jan

Sighting you coming gracefully from afar
My attention you trapped, i couldn’t but draw near
Your piquant splendor like that of a Star
My wall of defense you begin to tear

Is it her shimmering svelte hair?
Or a face as smooth as clear vitreous substance
Or lips etched in your face as by a proficient potter
Which dissolves every iota of doubt and askance

The Egyptians architects created the hourglass
Unknown to them, it was an act of plagiarism
Cos in you the creator’s works scream
Louder than anything in this time and realm

Your face; a picture forever etched on my hearts wall
I think i need to be diagnosed by a physician
Cos i get an overdose of your charm every time -that’s not all
Cos i’m changed by your hand; as of the touch of a magician

in a land where u are queen.

Dia is only one thing i wanna be : King.

So i’ll fight wars and win.

And songs of my valour u shall sing.


To be or not to be is a question for the gods.

So when history books are being written.

Let it be recorded therein.

That i laid eyes on a beauty. That put to shame the might of the sword

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