Ideality on the run

02 Feb

There exists a conflict at all times. Between what is and what is to be. Time they say will tell, but time does thing at its own time. You can choose to wait for it.  A lot of skulls are resting on old bones around the world – The Bones of people who have and are still waiting for ideality to catch up with their reality. Somewhere, somehow, someday, someone would ask you what are you waiting for? I can only imagine what you would say.

The beginnings of tomorrow they say is today. The force of the future is what you do today.  This force is harnessed by your decisions. The bible tells that if you look at the winds, you’ll not sow anything. The conditions will never be right. If that’s what you are waiting for, Trust me I have been there. I was recently talking with someone about the importance of planning and how good it is to let a genius draft a plan for you. You’ll trip! Clean and crisp to a fault.  But I have noticed that execution usually requires a push from an external source because they plan to the letter and execute as such. So most of the time, they get little done. But to the man who dares step out against the odds, goes the spoil. To the one who makes a move in the general direction of his dreams.

Know this, when they say it is risky not to take risks, its not just play of words or someone trying to whine you. Its true. Behind every great reward, lies an equally great risk. True, you may get burned but then playing it safe holds no reward.  Prov. 14:14 says “without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest” (NLT). Playing it safe is redundant; you think you’ll remain the same at least. Ping! You are wrong. The world is in constant motion, move or get left behind. What you must know is inspiration lies around you. If fear is your deal, I have a little something for you. Fear is a like a fire, you can let it burn uncontrolled and let it burn you but you can also harness it and let it burn the task ahead of you. Let the fear of failure chase you to success

Of course, perfection is what we all desire, but then it’s wise to know when and what to trade-off. Possibility of getting nothing and getting everything, the choice is yours. Get out of your comfort zone, get busy. Chase your dreams, they may appear elusive, but chase them anyway. You may think you’ll get one, and you may get them all. I plead with you, reality will never catch up with ideality, but we can land somewhere close to it


Posted by on February 2, 2012 in Inspiration


3 responses to “Ideality on the run

  1. oreoluwade

    May 3, 2012 at 8:38 am

    Kool. He who looks at the wind will not sow. A message to start before the conditions are perfect. Well done harsala.

  2. thisisEseosa

    May 3, 2012 at 9:35 am

    I get the feeling that you think a lot. lol. well done Bolu.


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