Love Languages

02 Feb

What a world we live in these days, where we often hear things like “everyman for himself, God for us all”. We live in a solitary world where no one wants to carry the burden of others or bring them to their joy because of lack of trust.

Meanwhile, the bible taught us that we humans are social beings. We can’t live without each other and through this mystery, the greatest institution was birthed –Marriage- in which two people from different homes and background come together to establish a new home. What a mystery!

Considering this truth, that we humans are social beings, we can’t live without each other, then we need to understand that our joy and happiness depends to a large extent on the joy and happiness depends to a great extent on the joy and happiness of the people around us. That’s why we need to put extra effort in making the people around us feel loved and happy.

                Therefore, let’s consider the theory of the five love languages which you and the people around you definitely speak, and by speaking it to them, you are indirectly creating a new world for “yourself”.

  1. Word of Affirmation: e.g. “You are looking sharp”, “I like your shirt”, and “Whoa, I’ve never noticed you have dimples, it brightens your face when you smile” etc Give it to them and see how it will make their day! It’s not that they don’t know, but it makes them happy to hear it, over and over again if necessary. When you do this to them, you make their day, week, month and even the whole year. It means you have made that year a happy one for them.
  2. Act of Service: While waiting for a friend, you can help tidy up his/her corner(or room as the case may be), shine his/her shoes, iron his/her clothes etc. He/she might tell you not to bother, insist! They will never forget it. It’s these little acts of service that will cement the relationship and endear you to their heart forever
  3. Quality time: When people come to you for advice or to confide in you, they sincerely deserve your 100% attention, give it to them. Show them they are important and mean so much to you. When you are with such people, you have to be oblivious to the whole world, this singular act speaks volumes! But when you feel they are taking too much time, wisely tell them that you are enjoying what they are saying but you have to be somewhere in the next 10 minutes so they can conclude on time. Investing your time, listening ears, confiding heart, jovial self in people goes a long way in their lives.
  4. Physical touch: These set of people naturally like to have physical touch with people they like and care about and not giving it to them may affect them emotionally. Physical touch like handshake, holding hands, hugging (at friendship level) and deeper when married. These touches make you a wall of support and comfort to them.
  5. Gifts: to these set of people do not care about what exactly the gift is but the intention of the giver, it shows to them that you have them in mind, that no matter how far or near they are, they are still on your mind, and they will deeply appreciate it.

Every human being speaks one love language or the other and on most occasions, we speak multiple languages. One may ask, “How do i know the love language of my friend?” Listen! Your friend speaks his/her language to you every day, all you have to do is listen, and speak it back to him/her and let him/her know you are ready to speak his/her language while he/she is learning yours.

You are blessed as you put this wisdom into use, for our God himself is love and he speaks all the languages. Expecting you at the board room!!!

                                                                                                                                Love in Him

                                                                                                                           Funmi Omisope



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