02 Feb

Maturity once defined as “the ability to delay gratification” and in my current frame of mind, i sought out the meaning of gratification (like a good student that i am) and i found it out to be satisfaction for yourself, not leaving any stone unturned, I followed the word satisfy and found it to mean; to fulfil the needs or wishes of; make pleased on contented or fulfil a need or requirement. Don’t forget all this is to you.

Hmmm! I thought; if maturity means you delaying your satisfaction- needs, wishes and contentment, then i wondered why, to what end do I deny myself, who is gaining or losing. Then the voice of reason spoke to me, “maturity is making yourself last on the scale of preference” after everyone else’s need, wishes have been met (at least to the best of your ability) and they are contented before you now think to yourself. In fact these peoples happiness alone is gratification for you. It’s about you giving yourself to fully satisfy the needs of others. King David wished to drink of the water from the philistines’ porch. This guys went there, fought, killed and brought the water for him, ideally, he asked for it but he said, “Far be it that i drink this water less valuable than the blood of the people who fought to get it. He placed the value in the right place – In men and not in himself despite being the king. Devaluing himself and placing his value on his own men and pleasing them led his army to increase until it was compared to the army of the Lord. (1 Chronicles 12:22)  If you observe, he placed the value on them, devaluing himself temporarily and eventually he gained the most by that gesture.

This inadvertently means selfishness is the number one sign of immaturity and childishness of the highest order. And he who is a child cannot reign as a king. Mind you, maturity is not a function of age. It’s a level of understanding that you are able to deny yourself, do things for people around you, even sacrifice valuable time and resources to the betterment of these people and you will find out that making these people makes you happy too. And that is herald of true leadership.

Until you mature something’s cannot committed into your hands. If all you can think about is to better yourself, you are only 1 out of over 6,000,000,000 people, that fraction is infinitesimal. If you were God would you bother to make resources available to that person? I would answer no because rational people think at the margin. Which means say for example I give you 100 dollars, you use it for yourself alone and i give another person 50 dollars and he uses it for the satisfaction of 5 people including himself, ideally, if 5 people can take ten dollars each then the 100 dollar guy gets 10 dollar from me and the 50 dollar guy gets 500 dollars with this mind-let’s see what he can do.

Time’s up folks, we have had enough time pleasing yourselves, if you don’t want to go extinct its time you think of others besides yourself, think of how to make people around you, far off (the world is kukuma a global village) better off, how to make their needs and how to help them get contentment from life.

Therefore, when your time here ends and as you leave, you can lay on your dead bed not thinking of the things you could have done but the smiles you put on people’s faces the indelible marks in peoples heart, your contribution into the world. Then you are ready to die in peace.      When you soar to the heavens in the billowing clouds and on the wings of angels, with the blinding rays of the sun, shimmering off your sparkling white garment, you can look down and say you have truly lived and not just existed as a statutory being just consuming air, water and food without any replenishment. Get this! It’s never just about you, you have got to be observant of the needs of others and do your best to meet them…

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Posted by on February 2, 2012 in Christianity, Inspiration


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