The Morning after

07 Apr

ImageCrash landing after a high

Waking up with either a headache or a sigh

Still vivid in your mind

“I did see myself fly”


Those moments were heavenly

Timeless pockets of perfection

Nothing else mattered, not even air

I climbed the summit. O! I reached there

I believed all would remain as they were


But alas the shock I faced the next morning

A thousand Shards of glass

Poking into me from every direction

A thousand points of light hitting me at once

What was I thinking?

What did I hope to achieve?


Burned! By the lure of deception

I thot it was my call to make

To do with my body as I pleased

Little did I know, that I lost control a long time ago


And my life was being run by desires; so fickle

Tripping and falling over temptation’s wide spread tentacles

My life was no longer mine

Time and time again, this cycle repeats itself


Each morning worse than the last

Like my ‘present’ is no different from my past

Where I stand is obscured at best

I feel like I totally flunked the test



Here lies the story of Someone’s struggle with a sinful addiction. the recurrence of which is appalling at best. until the realization that the test is your trust in God to save and nothing else. any other struggle would be futile and yielding little or no results. Are you fighting with an addiction or habit that disheartens you every time you slip up? then you need to trust more in God, “Lean on me” He says, “for my strength is made perfect in your weakness”. and in no time the terrible bond will be broken in Jesus Name. 

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Posted by on April 7, 2012 in Christianity, Inspiration, Social commentary


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One response to “The Morning after

  1. agetu

    April 8, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Nice one.


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