I Believe

26 Apr

I stand here not any different than you.
I do not have a billion locked away in an account somewhere.
I still eat bread wit fish starving stew.
And like everybody else, i still breathe in air.

But i have something that this world needs.
Its dearth has plunged the world into the spiralling abyss we are now in.
The inner voice that few today heed.
The one vital element that can guarantee a win.

In the face of any challenge.
And out of the deepest darkest corners.
Its victory even before the battle.
And unblinking certainty while staring doubts in the face.

This weapon that i hold in such high esteem.
Is contained in just two words “I BELIEVE”.
It doesnt mean i have all the answers.
Or that i even know the question.

But none the less, i still believe.
I believe in God, the creator of all that is.
I believe He cares and would never leave me alone.
I believe in his sufficiency for my needs.

I believe in me, myself and I.
Cos if all else fails, thats who i’ll be left with.
I believe in you, that you will always do the right thing.
I believe in your strength.

I believe in the eternal good in every soul.
Though obscured by their actions, i still believe.
I believe i’ll see a day when smiles will light up every face.
Just as i believe the sun will rise tomorrow.
I believe there is no difference between the future and our actions.
And that the future is ours to take.
I believe All will be well. Do you?

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Posted by on April 26, 2012 in Inspiration, Poetry, Social commentary


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