27 Apr

Justice though usually late by
most people’s reckoning.
And as elusive as the criminal
might be, by his own
You just cant stop the hands
of the clock by removing the
The hands of the clock will
align and justice will be
Hot like the Isi Ewu the
feasted upon with our
money and trust.
Now the whole world
watches as they are into the
deepest jail thrust.
Where their past will impress upon
How much control they have over
their future.
Four walls and an iron gate.
Is whats left after the freezing of
their tremendous estate.
Garnered by multiple loots of the
government treasury.
While feeling immune and above
the law.
A detterent to others i hope this
may serve.
That no one messes with the
people and go scot free.
Karma doesnt forgive.
What goes around will surely come
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Posted by on April 27, 2012 in Poetry, Social commentary


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