Celebrity??? Duh!

03 May

I love words! I marvel at how they can accurately transfer the thoughts in our minds for the other person to understand. It’s amazing. I remember the days when i used to study the dictionary, getting new words and confirming the meaning of old ones. So it pains me when a word is used wrongly.

What does the word “celebrity” mean? And who is a celebrity? This word has been largely used wrongly or rather loosely. Even the dictionary can be misleading a times. Etymologically, celebrity comes from the root word celebrate. Which means a celebrity is someone who is worthy to be celebrated; Someone whose story, life and status is exemplary and worthy of emulation; someone whose presence is a message and whose absence will even carry more import.

That being said, let’s ask some real questions. Is Kim Kardashian a Celebrity? Someone who is loose enough to have a sex-tape of her be made and distributed, who marries for millions of dollars and then divorces the sorry individual who was stupid enough to marry her in the first place just after less than 80 days. What is her message?  What exactly in her life story is worthy of emulation? Does it inspire you? If to make money, you will do anything, then some screws are totally missing in your head. Please let’s call a spade a spade. I don’t celebrate her, but the media…oh the media. They flock around her and keep her in the news, so she is just playing to the gallery, giving the media what it wants.

Our own Terry G? The Akpako Master! Who publicly says that without marijuana he is incomplete; The ginjah in his swagger. And yet the media calls him a celeb, is it the fact that he takes controlled substances aka hard drugs as stimulants that we want the younger generation to emulate? His story of rise to fame might be an inspiration, but his lifestyle befuddles his message. As important as the content is, the container goes a long way in delivering the message.

Sometimes last week, somebody called Toke Makinde Said blogger and Ex-model Linda Ikeji is not a role model and the said miss Linda promptly replied by telling her story which drew over 1500 comments to her site. Everybody rallied round to support her as her story was very touching. The truth is this there is a difference between what you do for a living and who you are, but the two have to find a common line somewhere. After reading her story, i was forced to comment too. She has earned what she’s gotten, through blood sweat and tears. And she can stand tall and narrate her story anywhere. It’ll inspire you. Who ever thought you could make millions by blogging? Who knew you could affect lives by just blogging? That person is worthy of being celebrated and even emulated, and that’s who I call a celebrity.

So let’s watch our use of words and their meanings so as to send the right message. I won’t stand here and tell you i don’t have Terry G’s song on my phone, i have just one and that is his “God Guide Me” track which is not less crazy than the others, it’s just more sensible! The younger generation is watching, and it’s what we do that they will carry on with; i can guarantee they will do even worse. So with posterity in mind, let’s be realistic in giving appellations. Thanks


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2 responses to “Celebrity??? Duh!

  1. fromjay2u

    May 3, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Hi OverLord, it’s nice to have you on this media. I love your piece and I believe that any ‘conscienced’ individual who reads your it will appreciate a voice that hits home. Your exclamation over the role of the media is what really grabbed my attention. Popular media summarises its career thus: There is no news like bad news. Hence, shame is shameless, negative influence and deviant characters are the heroes of our day. I don’t know when this began but I pray that we find our way back to the shores of sanity once again. Thanks.


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