Just Musing

03 May

What i really want from life is the

best it has to offer.

To go through the motions, and not

skip any scene.

For God to forgive me my any and

every sin.

And for my name and legacy to last

long and travel far.


My life is a testament of my past


My future is hinged on the same


May i nt take left when right is the


And learn to keep quiet when i got

nothing to say.


For what its worth i believe in me.

Cos thats who i’ll be left with if all

else fails.

Plus aint nobody transversed that

uterine canal with me.

So toss the coin if you like, i’ll still

go with me, whether heads or



United we stand, divided we’ve

formed another group.

The system will come down, no

need 4 another coup.

Cos no building divided against

itself can stand.

No matter how long and

meticulously you’ve planned.


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Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Poetry, Social commentary


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