Still Musing

03 May

For what its worth, this life is a scam.

Millions of sperms were whined into believing they had equal chance.

Nobody told them it was 1egg:1sperm.

On came evolution, rearranging d process and giving more than one a chance.


The duality of life is so evident.

The world of opposites all around us.

No gain without loss.

If u aint absent, then you are present.


We make our choices.

And they turn around and make us.

We raise our voices.

And speak out against the wröng done to us.


The mind is one helluva factory.

Garbage In Garbage Out it does mostly.

But sometimes we must agree.

That ‘we never saw that coming’.


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Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Poetry, Social commentary


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