Negative Positivism

15 May

You know that kinda ‘it will be  well’ shrug when you are faced with something really gargantuan? U are swamped by the reality of it that you don’t see the solution. It’s there alright, probably staring you in the face or shouting out your  name ‘i’m here’. But your disposition isnt open to solution, but you are so used to moving on, and that’s what you do.  Problem unsolved, but you go about things normally as if the roof ain’t burning which is a positive thing right? But its negative cos it doesn’t solve the problem, as a matter of fact, the problem keeps raging on like a forest fire in dry season.

Instead, look for the answers, enter the burning house if you have to, the fire extinguisher may still be hanging on the wall. The positive thing would be ‘thanking God you are alive’ while you stand by and watch d building get razed to the ground. Its negative in that on your way out, you might have gotten the extinguisher and fought the fire. Herculean task? Yes of course. But you’ll be amazed at how the innocent by-standers and righteous onlookers would turn
comrades and join you fight the fire. You wouldn’t know where the buckets of water and hoses would come from.

Which brings to mind the saying ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’.i.e. Help arises when you arises. But if you stand and watch, they will do the same and feel your loss and you been d positive dude/girl programmed to rise after every fall (which is right), stay positive when all looks downright bleak, just keep moving on.

But a little retrospection wouldn’t hurt would it? What to learn from it all? Lets even say the building even did burn down, at least you went down fighting. The message is simple, face your fears, fight your battles. its life! you win some you lose some, but make sure you don’t lose the war. Solve the problem before you move on if you cant. don’t let your default mode be ‘run’ when the problem can be ‘solved’. you may not see it instantly, but look for it. remember when there is a will, there is a way. And if you don’t see it and you get burnt, then once beaten becomes twice shy


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