On Your Knees

21 May

Its cold out here, its basically freezing.

I check myself, and i’m still breathing.

The chill in my bones has them rattling.

Alone,against an enemy i cant see i’m battling.

The sun is nowhere to be found.

I listen hard but can hear no sound.

Where am i? I have to ask.

And leaving here my next task.

Powerless is how i feel.

Like a punctured soccer ball with no air fill
Till i realised with a sudden jolt.

The freezing out can be traced back to the halt.

That point when  one becomes complacent.

You neither Pray nor on the word meditate
A quick mumble on your bed isnt sufficient.

Cos the enemies we fight dont walk, they levitate.

And you cant compete not to talk of winning.

If you go around ‘living the life’ and sinning.

The enemy is well aware of that fact though.

So he doesnt bother u while in that hole.

Deluded you think All Is Well.

Know you not that the love of the owner of a chicken.

All ends at the door of the kitchen?

He knows you, but do you know him well?

The goal of the enemy Is that you dont know who you are.

The son of the king, the bright and morning star.

Where is your scepter, where is your crown?

There is your throne, why are you down?

Get back on your knees, where infinite power is.

Open the closed book, and from its pages glean.

God has a plan for this life of yours.

You cant live it while crawling on all fours.

With the prayer of faith and wisdom.

Aligning to the will of His kingdom.

Comes indeterminable strength for victory.

Looking onto Christ, begin an unending winning spree

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One response to “On Your Knees

  1. fromjay2u

    March 23, 2013 at 8:54 am

    This is very nice. I enjoyed every bit of it. Well done.


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