Taking Your Chances.

23 May

Let me start this by saying I am a Chelsea fan! And I am still delirious over our most recent accomplishment; winning the UEFA Champions League! Yeah we did, we defied every prediction and I cant even imagine how many people would have lost bets placed on Barcelona or Real Madrid to reach the finals, but against all odds and out of the blues(pun intended), We beat arguably the best team in the world and went ahead to lift the much coveted trophy.

Just some months ago, I told my uncle I was never going to watch another Chelsea match till we were able to win 3 matches in a row because I was really pissed at the team and their conversion rate, too much errors on the field of play, zero confidence on the part of the strikers(uncle Torres), so my decision wasn’t baseless. The Exodus of Andre Villas-Boas and the Genesis of Roberto Di-Matteo resulted in a previously unthinkable turn around in results with the same team. Miraculous right?

People keep saying Chelsea doesn’t deserve to win but I see it differently and not just because I’m a fan. Just hear me out, Chelsea came back to overturn a 3-1 deficit against Napoli to emphatically win 4-1 in the second leg and secure qualification to the Semi Finals where we progressed to win against Barcelona. In the first leg, the lone Drogba goal was scored in 46nd minute(extra time). On the second leg, Ramires scored in the 47th minute (extra time), Torres scored the second goal of the match in the 92nd minute(in case you didn’t notice EXTRA TIME). When you start seeing a pattern to randomness, is it still randomness? Even in the final match against Munich, Chelsea’s goal came in extra time. Suffice to say there is a method to this madness.

That right there is a team who recognized the odds and played against them, they knew their opponents and came with a custom suited plan that assured victory. They defended all through the match but when the chances came(however little), they took it and the rest of the STORY is now hiSTORY. So my word to you is always take your chances, some get many, some get few but whenever you see a chance and you don’t take it, don’t bitch when someone else does and takes the prize.

This is a very multifaceted something o, you see a girl sitting in the corner alone, you look …gawk and do nothing, then one boy goes there and says the lamest of things and the girls goes with him, if I hear you complain, I will put sandpaper in your singlet. You had your chance, and you didn’t take it, somebody else did, so shut the hell up.

Chelsea has won the Champions league for the first time in their 107 years not because they play the best soccer on the continent(they don’t), not because they have the best team(all those group of agbayas) or the best coach(interim boss for that matter) but it all comes down to one simple thing – Taking Your Chances.Image

i saw this picture online and laughed…but its kinda true when you take your chances.


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