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3rd June 2012

i recognize this is coming rather late but i wrote it a while back, just posting it now. sowie.

Now to the piece

Atimes, this is how i feel about Nigeria. A nation destroying itself from within

First my condolences to the families of the departed may their souls rest in peace. One can only hope that they made peace with God before their time was up, I’ll be writing this with a pained heart from three different angles.

  1. Life is too short
  2. Preventable Mishaps
  3. Negative Positivism.

If you are my friend on Facebook and follow my notes, you’ll note I’ve written about some of those things before.

What that fateful day brings to mind is the brevity of life, life is just too short. And you have guarantee of nothing but this very moment. The next second is as unpredictable as an octopus giving birth to a blue whale. I’m not saying it’s impossible, (impossible is nothing; and nothing is impossible) I’m only saying it’s unpredictable. Since all you have is now, it’s only wise you make it count. Put a smile on someone’s face at every chance you get, your mood doesn’t matter. Take it upon yourself that no matter what, I’ll be a source of joy in my environment NOW! Because tomorrow may not be there! So father, go back home to your family, you have hurt them enough and no, it’s not too late to right your wrongs. You delude yourself by thinking you have time to do that. Husband, wife, children, brothers, sisters and friends; its time to erase the past and re-unite. Lastly don’t leave any words unsaid as it would come back to haunt you. If the last thing you said to anybody was mean and harsh, you want to take it back now and apologize; because that may well be the last thing they will hear from you. You don’t want Apostle Peter to write that in your account at the pearly gates, neither do you want the devil privy to that info. So my dear friends, life is too short! Let’s make it count!

I hate preventable mishaps, if something untoward happens to me and I hear after the deed that I could have prevented the pain, anguish, turmoil and anxiety, it would so pain me. Airplanes are machines, great metal contraptions not human beings who experience bipolar signs at will (no offense please). Machines don’t just break down; they give signs, sufficient signs in fact. So I submit that the aircraft company will take a large chunk of the blame here. Haven’t they ever heard of Total Preventive Maintenance? I’m still an undergraduate and that concept has been drilled into my psyche. Prevention is always cheaper than cure my father would always say. But this price they cannot pay. Apart from the fact that death is incurable, how much could possibly be paid for human lives? 152 of them! The regulation authorities would not be spared, because if they don’t regulate the activities of the companies, what then are they taking a chunk of the national budget for? The plane crash could have been prevented! And for that, it pains me more.

Some people don’t even know they do this third one, I call it negative positivism. The positive thing to do after any mishap or undesirable occurrence would be to learn to move on, leave the pain behind and move on to brighter days. No better sermon could be preached. The only problem is that Que Sera Sera isn’t exactly accurate anymore, what will be wont just come to be, it is what you want to be that will come to be, what you choose to be, what you make come to be that will come to be. Suffice to say, nothing would happen unless you make it happen! I tell people that when you fall, you must rise, after which you don’t just keep moving, you have to ask pertinent questions of from yourself and the environment in order to prevent the re-occurrence. Only then would you have learnt from the best teacher – Experience! So Nigerians need to ask pertinent questions from this government because we have had one too many deaths under one administration, how much more can we take? If Lagos can rid itself of UN-roadworthy cars, why can’t Nigeria do the same? Why would a rickety airplane be flying our skies? Why would the company allow it? What then do we do to sanitize not the one company, but the whole industry? The industry needs an overhauling to guarantee quality and safety. We can only hope that our president won’t just set up a committee as usual, but would put his heart to the task and honor the dead by making sure no other person dies in a plane crash while he still commands.

May The Souls Of The Departed Rest In Peace! May Such A Day Never Reoccur! May God Give The Bereaved Families The Fortitude To Bear The Loss! May We All Make Our Every Moment Count! May The Almighty God Teach And Guide Our President On How To Go About Leading This Country Because He Most Certainly Needs Help.

Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria! God Bless Nigeria!

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