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Bunmi Oke

Bunmi Oke

Bunmi Oke


For My dear Friend Bunmi Oke

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Three Things…

Three things that will help you in life. In decision making especially.

1. Follow Your Heart.
2. Use Your Head.
3. Obey Your God.

Anything more, you are sleeping on a Okada.

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BANKE – A Short Story pt 2

Banke probably doesn’t know I exist but I have had my eyes on her since that day in the market square. I forget things easily but that first encounter is ingrained in my memory. I was young and like everybody else was intrigued with playing with my friends manufacturing various contraptions which we rolled around the street. Out came my mother suggesting I followed her to the market, at least that’s what I thought but it turned out not to be a suggestion, so begrudgingly I followed her but I guess my non-smiling face got to her so she promised to buy me Baba Dudu. Pronto my mood changed and I followed her with a skip in my step as we went from stall to stall buying this and that – yam flour, garri, yam, etc. my excitement was slowly fading until I came across a stall that had Baba Dudu and the other variant Baba pupa – a dilemma arose, which do I choose? She must have read my mind when she said “ you can buy them both and lick them together you know”, as I looked up and behind the wares, words caught in my throat as I gazed into her eyes, she had those large yet beautiful eyes that tell you everything was alright and something shifted in my heart. Honestly, I bought both not because of variety but because she suggested it.

I was about going when I remembered my manners and offered her one each; she turned down the offer because her mother wasn’t around so it wouldn’t seem as if she was consuming what she was meant to sell. That thing that shifted in my mind shifted again and I could swear if it was a compass, it was pointed straight at her. We were looking into each other’s eyes and my mother chose that particular moment to interrupt our reverie “Banke Mama e da? (banke where is your mother?)” asked my mother “good afternoon ma, she went to the harbor to get more wares and stuffs for my brother’s birthday next tomorrow” she turns to me and asks “will you come” I almost said yes before she finished but I stifled it and managed a nod. “Greet her for me when she comes back” my mom just has this knack of interrupting moments, she placed the sack of yam flour on my head “you will sha eat out of it” with the load on my head, I looked back to see Banke smiling (or was that a smirk?) as she waved goodbye. I couldn’t wave back without risking the load on my head so I returned her gesture with a tepid smile.

On reaching home, I dropped the sack on the kitchen floor, went to my father’s room, prostrated “Eku ile sir (good luck saying that in English but it means good house-staying or something like that)” and showed him the stuffs mom bought for me. “Have you said thank you to your mother” he says I turn to her and say “Thank you maami”. I turned on my heels heading for my room to go and lick my Baba Dudu and Pupa in peace, I looked back to see my mum lean into my father and I saw an image of an older Banke leaning into me. With that I remembered the birthday and went to my box in my mother’s room to search for what to wear, I chose the shirt I wore last Christmas as it had only been worn once – it still had that new look. The birthday couldn’t come any faster; on that day I adorned my Christmas wear, went into my mother’s room to use the mirror. When she saw me, she smiled and rubbed my head just the way I like it rubbed. “omo akin, omo mi, omo bi adiye ba ku, ata laa lo si” she eulogizes, you look just like your father. So I left for the party feeling like the son of my father.

I got there just as the opening prayer was being said; I took my seat and said responsive Amens between closing my eyes and searching for Banke. I found her in the front row; I sauntered over to greet her. We went through the motions, we sang for the birthday boy together, I particularly remember dancing round the chair, she probably didn’t notice but I let her win after like 3 times and nobody was getting the upper hand. We took photographs together, I also remember her giving me her food while she took mine, very naughty girl she was. I then stole her meat and ran, she gave chase immediately, catching up with me at the back of their house where I tried to put the meat in my mouth and it fell to the ground. “God catch you” she said. I ran again and we got back to our seats rather exhausted. I got back home that day exhausted but really very happy. I was looking forward to seeing her in school but I was shocked to hear her parents had sent her to a boarding school in the city and I didn’t see her until 5 years later which is where we are and I have no idea if she still remembers me.

My walk back home was nothing compared to when I left, I crawled into bed that night and as I gazed at the stars through the open window, I fell asleep with thought of Banke on my mind


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Banke Part 1

So this is my first attempt at story writing technically. I write and act drama scripts but they are nothing compared to this in detail so please read and comment. Tell me what you think. I wanna get better at this and I need your feedback. So here is Banke, it’ll be in 3 parts and this is the first one. The rest coming up shortly.


As the town hall bell made it first sound, gboin! As is our custom, all the children start counting. I don’t remember who started it or how and when it started, I just know that whenever the bell starts, we count till it stops and the number would be the exact time of the day. Funny thing is the grandfather clock in my father’s room makes the exact same sound but nobody pays attention. And gboin! I hope I didn’t miss a count…that should be 8, i.e. 8pm.

Yay! My favorite time on Tuesdays – time for night time stories in the village square. I quickly carry my plate to the kitchen. “Segun come back here and finish your food” my mother said. I’m full maami, you want my stomach to burst? My teacher said that whenever someone eats too much at night, it would cause…”okay, okay, I hear you. The food must not waste is my own concern, feed it to Thunder before you go”. Since I learnt that trick, it has worked unfailingly, you see, my mother is uneducated and I can easily bamboozle her with my teacher said this or that. I have no idea what will happen when she figures it out or perhaps she has?

I better leave before my dad returns or else I’ll miss the story tonight, so I rush out, shout Thunder-our overfed dog, poured the leftover of amala and ewedu soup which I had cut into little pieces on the concrete floor, dashed into the kitchen to drop the plate before running out of the house. I ran so fast my heels almost touched my head. I had to get there before my favorite spot on the extreme of the second row to the right was taken. You see I loved that seat not for any reason that involves the story teller or the story but because from that very vantage position, I get a good view of Banke – the most beautiful girl in our village – no offense to the others;  To me she is the most beautiful. I took my seat before one other guy could get it, I mildly pushed him to sit because of the speed with which I was coming.

Now seated, I look eagerly around to see if my friends have arrived, oh!  There is Mathew, Kekereolu and Tope with him – the three tallest boys in my class, I guess birds of a feather do flock together. A quick wave from me and a quiet nod from them was the usual greeting. That done, I turned my attention to the feast before me – Banke. This Banke girl just gets my eyes, her chocolatey skin gleams in the moonlight in ways I cant find words to describe. Its like in those movies my uncle brings from the city every December, where everything else becomes blurry except the person in the middle; I saw only her and my heart stirred. She has like the longest hair of all the girls and it falls in waves like the Okupa river at high tide. She has that very peculiar gap in her teeth and when she smiles, they sparkle even at night…oh no, she is looking my way, I look away quickly before she notices “ so the tortoise said to Yanibo” said the storyteller. Yeah! You guessed it, I’ve never spoken to her before, I doubt if she even knows my name…




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Cheers To Me


Cheers to the past and its influence on the present
Cheers to the tales that make us
The aches and pains, of flesh and bone and those of the heart
Cheers to all that has ever made you cry
Cheers to time as it forever speeds by
Never stopping, never slowing down
Always urging us onto the next one
Ready or not, it keeps moving
Irrespective of your innermost thoughts

Cheers to today and all that i am
And to the decisions that make me
The choices whose results only the future holds in its hands
Cheers to what i can see
Cheers to what i do hear
Cheers to the data my senses receive
Cheers to making sense out of all the confusion
The raging tumult that defines this time and age
Cheers to seeing beyond it all to a time and a place where all will be truely well

Cheers to the future and all that it holds in stock for me.
Cheers to the tasks ahead of me
Cheers to love, may i find you quick
Cheers to success, may we never part
But go from glory to glory
To greater glory till the end of my earthly story
May it be a great one for generations yet unborn
To venerate and be inspired from

Most importantly, cheers to the Creator
Without whom i would not be
Cheers to the one who is able to make all my dreams come true
Cheers to the love of God my father towards me.
Cheers to the confident assurance in his ability
The finality of his utterances is all the assurance i need.

Cheers to me!


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By Sight and By Faith

The bible says it unequivocally that as Christians, we are to walk by faith and not by sight, and that is what we should do. But then, the human factor in the equation finds a way of befuddling it all. There are times when following the letter would be your undoing, which would then turn around to challenge your faith. You owe it to yourself to make your Christian journey stress free and one way to do that is to use it all, both faith and sight.

Aside from john 1:1, Hebrews 11:1 is perhaps one of the 5 most popular verses in the bible. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. But in this case, you have to see it to make it work. What is it you may ask? In relationships, you gotta lay your cards on the table or perhaps you are still in the toasting stage, don’t let her say yes before you let her see the real you, before you start opening doors for her, buying flowers, burning scented candles and all that ish. He has to know if you can cook, what your strengths are and your weaknesses should first be clear to you before you lay ‘em on him/her.

I’m a subscriber to the honesty is the best policy slogan and that’s because it works. The less I know about you, is not the better o, if you plan to go the long haul, then you need to bring you’re a-game at all times. Don’t make it a delayed release product. As long as you both are committed to each other, skip the fronting phase and really get to know each other because I have come to observe that the single most important factor in couples longevity and happiness is what they know; about each other, about their kids, about God, about dealing with all the stuff that will certainly come up.

I’m a realist to the core and I’m also a Christian and I know all about God’s direction in choosing a life partner but if you don’t go through the phases and walk through your paces, you will most likely be left with God eventually. Not like that is a bad thing per se, but God gave us brains that we might give Him rest, meaning that many issues can be handled or even prevented without night vigils. Basic knowledge of each other is insufficient. Haven’t you ever seen those old couples in movies, whenever they start down memory lane, the synchrony with which they pick those memories amazes me! These guys know each other mehn. And that is the source of their happiness.

I once got into a discussion on facebook with someone, she believes that nobody should choose a life partner without God and I see her point of view. But I maintain that whether God causes you to sleep and takes a bone out of you to custom make a woman for you, same rules apply. You must follow the process of acceptance, understanding, appreciation and commitment. You can’t accept and understand what you don’t know, neither can you commit to what you don’t know. Once you can go through the stages of the process with this in mind, it might take years for you to get into resonance with that person, but you sure are on the right track.

Getting it right calls for you to be a judge of character as much as you can; so that you can speed up the process. Love is important but it isn’t the most important thing because without these things, your love will be very stressed by the many issues that will come up from time to time. This walk calls for you to use sight along with faith, not faith without visible signs. Bliss unhindered awaits you, don’t keep it waiting.

Don’t get me wrong please, its the combination of it all. Both faith and Sight

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