By Sight and By Faith

16 Jul

The bible says it unequivocally that as Christians, we are to walk by faith and not by sight, and that is what we should do. But then, the human factor in the equation finds a way of befuddling it all. There are times when following the letter would be your undoing, which would then turn around to challenge your faith. You owe it to yourself to make your Christian journey stress free and one way to do that is to use it all, both faith and sight.

Aside from john 1:1, Hebrews 11:1 is perhaps one of the 5 most popular verses in the bible. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. But in this case, you have to see it to make it work. What is it you may ask? In relationships, you gotta lay your cards on the table or perhaps you are still in the toasting stage, don’t let her say yes before you let her see the real you, before you start opening doors for her, buying flowers, burning scented candles and all that ish. He has to know if you can cook, what your strengths are and your weaknesses should first be clear to you before you lay ‘em on him/her.

I’m a subscriber to the honesty is the best policy slogan and that’s because it works. The less I know about you, is not the better o, if you plan to go the long haul, then you need to bring you’re a-game at all times. Don’t make it a delayed release product. As long as you both are committed to each other, skip the fronting phase and really get to know each other because I have come to observe that the single most important factor in couples longevity and happiness is what they know; about each other, about their kids, about God, about dealing with all the stuff that will certainly come up.

I’m a realist to the core and I’m also a Christian and I know all about God’s direction in choosing a life partner but if you don’t go through the phases and walk through your paces, you will most likely be left with God eventually. Not like that is a bad thing per se, but God gave us brains that we might give Him rest, meaning that many issues can be handled or even prevented without night vigils. Basic knowledge of each other is insufficient. Haven’t you ever seen those old couples in movies, whenever they start down memory lane, the synchrony with which they pick those memories amazes me! These guys know each other mehn. And that is the source of their happiness.

I once got into a discussion on facebook with someone, she believes that nobody should choose a life partner without God and I see her point of view. But I maintain that whether God causes you to sleep and takes a bone out of you to custom make a woman for you, same rules apply. You must follow the process of acceptance, understanding, appreciation and commitment. You can’t accept and understand what you don’t know, neither can you commit to what you don’t know. Once you can go through the stages of the process with this in mind, it might take years for you to get into resonance with that person, but you sure are on the right track.

Getting it right calls for you to be a judge of character as much as you can; so that you can speed up the process. Love is important but it isn’t the most important thing because without these things, your love will be very stressed by the many issues that will come up from time to time. This walk calls for you to use sight along with faith, not faith without visible signs. Bliss unhindered awaits you, don’t keep it waiting.

Don’t get me wrong please, its the combination of it all. Both faith and Sight

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3 responses to “By Sight and By Faith

  1. Lily

    July 16, 2012 at 11:37 am

    I get your point but you were actually treading on tricky waters with statement like ‘ …to make your xtian journey stress free
    … use it all, sight n faith…’ the natural man is naturally inclined to use his senses which we agree as brought him nada but misery but once you introduced the man ( Christian), the whole thing changes cos this man’s MO is STRICTLY FAITH. God didn’t intend for him to mix and match @ his convenience. I get that you’re talking about making choices which totally requires that you don’t rope God into some skanky affair & then excuse ur poor choices by saying you’re exercising your
    Do we all even understand what faith REALLY is (Beyond the letters in Hebrews ) and have you ever pondered why Jesus (who doesn’t waste words) wondered aloud if He’ll meet faith in us @His second coming?

    I reiterate, that statement was trickish n though you said it here, one day, someone might need to make a non relationship based decision n that wld be what they base it on (sight?!) & Faith. It reeks of a No-good otherwise. But hey! Am just saying.
    I enjoyed your post BTW.

    • hasarla

      July 16, 2012 at 3:25 pm

      1. as far as it goes, everyone must take responsibility for their action or inaction!
      Also understanding that every action starts with a decision.
      With decision comes reason.
      Reason is whr d P really is!
      Its d solid structure behing every action.

      2. God is a respecter of The Process( He instituted it). If one jumps any part of d process, den dat lesson not learnt will be tested in due time. And since u didnt attend d class, u start calling God day and night wen as a matter of fact you could have prevented it. God in His mercy will of course help. Bt look around you, around ur church…you’ll see pple going thru stuffs dat test dia faith and could av been prevented long ago.

      I hope u do understand better

  2. Lily

    July 16, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    I see ‘fuschia pink’ (that’s my red) when we are talking zoe & you tell me to be realistic. What is realism n idealism e gba mi, if not who we are? Except u say I should read it without the picture of the man- in whom the fullness of Christ is being formed? If that be the case, you shldnt have mentioned him (d xtian) at all then.
    Truth is, wat ur recipe insists is ‘sight’ is an out-branch of faith. I.e it is still faith. Cos even after u’v scrutinized wt microscope, telescope & communicascope, you ultimately have to believe wat u see; hear; d future, hope they don’t change (or do change as the case may be), hope u can make it work. Notice I’ve bn saying hope? Faith substantiates ur hope innit?
    In all, u exercise faith in your ‘sight’. U see it still boils down to faith? Understanding lo matter darling. + am hungry! or is it ‘am feeling hunger? Lol.


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