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My Greatest Fear

Just in case you’re wondering, On a Monday morning, why i am thinking about FEAR? Im all-right, its my constitution, its ‘ALL good’, i’m ‘ALL right’ even when I’m faced with the greatest enemy ever (whatever that is) its how i think;

You say regret, i say ‘lesson learnt albeit the hard way,
You say ‘someone broke your heart’, i say how come you didn’t see it coming(Delusions ofgrandeur preset Schizophrenia)

You say ‘I’m down’, and I’m like ‘great!’ that’s the least you can ever be, you have just one direction to go UP!

You say ‘someone died’ my first thought is i hope he/she was right with God, then their death would be a transition to a better place.

You say I’m hungry, i ask you how hungry? How much can you take? How much fills you up. What is your capacity?

You get my drift? Your view of the world has a great effect on how you live and how the world responds to you i.e. Your Attitude Matters!

So back to Fear, when i think of fear, i see what needs to be done to make sure that thing i fear doesn’t come to pass. By the way, My greatest fear is The Fear Of failure! I fear to fail, because if i fail, destinies of millions will  be affected, my mission and vision gets clearer day by day and its to reach the world with ALL that God has deposited inside me, so i cant afford to fail, its too expensive a thought!
So whenever I’m not afraid about something I’m doing or want to do, then there’s a possibility I’m being over confident and that portends greater danger!

Fear for me isn’t a crippling thought, but rather a logical aid.
So what my fear does to me is to clear my mind, narrow my vision and focus my thoughts on what it
takes to prevent failure from happening, my full intellectual power is released with these in


With these mantra, i’m not less afraid, i’m just using my fear of failure to ensure my success!

I remember watching Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa – The Italian Stallion! Part 1-5 with my uncle, you know those DVD collections right, yeah! So in part 5, Stallone was training a young fighter and the guy told him he was afraid, Stallone replied and told him “Fear is like a fire, you can either let it conflagarate and burn you up, or you can direct it to your opponent and use it to burn him up”.

After all the punches, the highs and lows of that movie, that statement stayed with me.
Fear makes me fashion a foolproof plan(if anything like that exists). It also causes me to cling to someone who has more power than i have. Someone who i can have faith in. And that person for me is the Almighty God. Therein i find strength to face my fears and come out victorious.

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Before The Music Stops

Have you ever watched kids on a merry go-round?
Or listened to the rain slapping the ground?
Ever followed a butterflies’ flight
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

Do you run through each day on a fly?
When you ask “how are you?” do you hear the reply?
When the day is done,do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores running through your head?

Ever told your friend,i’l do it for you tomorrow
And in your haste, you did not see his sorrow.
Ever lost touch, let a good friendship die,
Cos you never had time to say hi.

When you run so fast to get somewhere.
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It’s like an unopened gift thrown away.

You better slow down, Dont dance so fast,
Time is short, The music wont last,
Life is not a race,take it slow,
Hear the music, before the song is over


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The You The World Needs- A Sonnet

Out of the eater came something
to eat.
Who would have known that it
would be so sweet?
The balance of life must be
maintained however.
We just have to decide what we do
to each other.
Evil thrives but for the complacency
of good.
Of many who sold their birthrights
for morsels of food.
If only we’ll make a stand for right.
Turn this night into day by shining
the light.
Look the man/woman in the
mirror straight in the eyes.
See to it that you tell yourself no
And from within, commence the
change you wanna see without.
Look past the shadows of fear and
Reach within and Unleash your
potential .
My friends, your world needs you
(c) 2012.
Asala Boluwaduro

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One Bini Girl in Lagos

I got this as a blackberry broadcast and i just had to share. Please read and forget your sorrow. LOL

Naija twitter users have described our loss to the USA in the Basketball event at the Olympics in different ways=)) Have fun: 

@ALIBABAGCFR The only way Nigeria can win is if NEPA takes light. USA cannot beat #teamNigeria in the dark!”

@je_mc2: I need to find a way to blame the PDP for this basketball game.

@shina_pitta: They are busy staring at Lebron’s shoes!! lol! RT @Dayodane: These Nigerians are just playing as fans.

@alexanderamosu: Where’s bokoharam when u need them? #NigeriavUSA

@NotBillWalton: Team USA is playing for all the Americans who ever fell for a Nigerian email scam.

@BarexB: If Team Nigeria had played with the anger of Visa rejection, They wud have won!


@olaDEL: Jesus…

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A New You

Happy New Month everyone, and thank you all for visiting my blog, liking and commenting on it. I sincerely appreciate.

So yesterday the New month of August started, so expect a lot of august
As is our custom(at least here in Nigeria), text messages go around with wishes for the new month, d amount i get keeps dwindling… Bt dats not the issue. I posted on Twitter that

“A new Day, a new Month, a new Me!”

and a friend of mine replied and said

“are you not tired of saying the same thing over and over again?”.

I gave it thought, its true we say alot and never carry them out especially people who still make new year resolutions. But at the same time, we owe it to ourselves to become better per time, until we die or reach the Zen of Perfection or maybe when we achieve the transition from Man To God. Only Then can we rest on our oars.

Conciously get better, as you keep evolving. The only part i dont agree with in Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the Origin of Life but otherwise, the man is very right.
The most suitable species always survive, in the workplace, in your christian walk, in relationships, in almost everything. Einstein’s theory of relativity assures that once you stop moving, you automatically start moving backwards.

So my friends, dont stop saying a new me, and dont stop meaning it. Remember, TAKE CONCIOUS STEPS TO GET BETTER!
Go Forth this month and Create A New Reality for yourself.
God Bless You.

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