The You The World Needs- A Sonnet

10 Aug

Out of the eater came something
to eat.
Who would have known that it
would be so sweet?
The balance of life must be
maintained however.
We just have to decide what we do
to each other.
Evil thrives but for the complacency
of good.
Of many who sold their birthrights
for morsels of food.
If only we’ll make a stand for right.
Turn this night into day by shining
the light.
Look the man/woman in the
mirror straight in the eyes.
See to it that you tell yourself no
And from within, commence the
change you wanna see without.
Look past the shadows of fear and
Reach within and Unleash your
potential .
My friends, your world needs you
(c) 2012.
Asala Boluwaduro

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Posted by on August 10, 2012 in Inspiration


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