Banke Pt 3

04 Sep

I’m really sorry it took me so long to finish this story. i had to weigh so many options, happy or sour ending, i even considered a tragic one but the inner me couldn’t go through with it. happiness is my calling. so guys please drop a comment and tell me what you think. Bless


It’s been really quiet here as 3 of our hunters died on their foray into the forest, the only survivor was my father and he didn’t turn tail and run, he went after the horned animal and killed it before single-handedly dragging the body to the outskirts of the village where he blew his hunters horn -made from a bull that he killed on one of his hunting trips- and quietly fainted. Having heard the horn, which signified the hunters return, the village women rushed out to welcome them but they found my father fainted beside his quarry, joy turned to worry as one of the women who was carrying water poured on him and he woke up. The youths were tasked to carry the animal to our house and my father was taken care of by the village physician.

The moment I heard my father was the only one who returned, I ran really fast to reach there and Banke’s house is on the way, so as I was running, everybody was asking what was the matter, but I couldn’t stop. I was half exhilarated and half worried – I mean, out of all the hunters that went on the trip, only my father returned and I had many images of him in my head doing this or that to the animal but at the same time I was worried, hoping that his injuries were not fatal. In my frenzied state, I didn’t notice Banke was standing there, as I made the turn around her house, I bumped into her at full speed and the plates she was carrying spilled to the ground, I waited for the tell-tale breaking sound and when it didn’t come, I mouthed “I’m sorry” and kept running. Her voice floated on the wind behind me “come back here!” funny that I still felt she had a beautiful voice but I had to get to my father.

When I got there, I asked to see my father, I went in and held his hand, placed my ears to his chest and felt his strong heart beat beneath and I knew he was going to be okay. My mother was already there and as the village physician gave his verdict “he’ll be okay in no time, as long as you let him rest, his wounds are not deep and they are not poisoned, just always wash his whole body with ewe Akintola twice a day and he must eat the animal’s heart and head completely” it’s an hunters’ superstition – if an animal attacks you and you kill it, consuming its heart and head would make you heal faster. After that I had to see the animal for myself, so I went home and beheld the beast, it was huge! I circled it many times and saw my dad’s spear in its throat with another spear in its heart and I felt really proud of my dad then and wanted to be like him.

My last task was to go and see Banke and apologize for whatever problem I may have caused but I was hesitant. I was really going to see Banke. But I summoned courage and went ahead. When I got there, I was told she wasn’t around but I should check the trees behind their house so I went behind their house and truly there she was climbing the guava tree. I stood there appreciating her skill, of course I was better but for a girl, she tried. I decided to impress her so I joined her on the tree she was trying to climb. I started climbing and got to the top before her. She watched me but her ego wouldn’t allow her to give in so she continued climbing until she got to where I was “I’m really sorry about earlier, I didn’t see you coming and I heard that my father was injured” she cut me off “I heard too and I fully understand but you are lucky none of those plates broke or else…” there was a pause and I observed that the tree branch was creaking “We better get down before this branch breaks” she nodded and pointed behind me “look” I turned and was looking for whatever was there “what’s that” I meant to ask but then I felt the tree shake, damn, she was slithering down the tree. I said “Nice!” then I thought of letting her win but that didn’t go down well with my ego so I pulled a few rabbits out of my tree-climbing hat and we got to the ground almost at the same time. We then argued about who got down first until we got to her front door. I said farewell to her mother and took my leave. After walking for some time, I heard some rustling behind me and there was Banke telling me “don’t think you’ve won o, that’s just 1-0” and she turned on her heels and left. I laughed and that shifting thing in my heart shifted again. I looked back at her receding form and smiled – she really is a beauty, both inside and out.

Many unending challenges later, with none the agreed winner, our last count was 23(me)-22(Banke) which was just perfect. This means that she would always want to challenge me again so as to even the scores. Which was okay by me, it was another opportunity to see her again and again.

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