Which Would It Be?

26 Sep

Hello friends, how was your day? Mine was great by the way. I went to the library with good intent but i guess i am not in form at all. I barely passed 3 pages but thats not the issue at all. The thing is i have started and dont you ever despise little beginnings. Na so we do am so tey we reach final year. So no wahala.

So i got back to the room and me and my roommate got into a discussion i feel like sharing with you.

1st, it was raining, and i had to get to church, he asked me if i was going in this rain? I promptly replied, “whats the worst that could happen?”
I probably will get wet, get to church and dance the cold off anyway.

So the question now is, WOULD THE WEATHER STOP YOU FROM GOING TO CHURCH? Considering the church is just blocks away. If you have to take a bus or drive your own car, would you still go? Even though it’ll be certainly uncomfortable?

The second thing was if your church was burning and about 10 of your friends, i mean your own friends and not just church members. If you had a dangerously slim chance to save then, would you take it? Considering its either only you survive and the other ten die or d eleven of you live.
Which would be your decision.

Lastly, we talked about who is most important to save in the case of an accident.

Your Child or

Your Mother or

Your Wife.

*Just picture the Dana Air Crash if u need help weighing your options*

Just one can be saved, which would it be for you personally!

Please, lets make this discussion as honest as possible, someone might learn something from this afterall.


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2 responses to “Which Would It Be?


    September 26, 2012 at 6:21 pm


    For me, there are times that the weather is so favourable and yet, I still don’t feel like going to church. Going to church or I’ll simply put “an urge to fellowship” is a mindset thing for me. Whenever my heart is troubled or I’m kind of tired, I don’t go to church cos I’ll just be going as a tradition for that day and not for the sole purpose why I ought to go.


    With all sincerity, my Husband (I’m female).


    With all sincerity, NO.
    I love action films and Hollywood does Ǧ☺☺ϑ judgment to a whole lot of them. Action cartoons, detective novels too are my thing but through it all, I know there’s a fact (it might not be the truth)……… these action stuffs are a figment of the writers imagination. This is the real me!
    Attempting the ‘I want to be like Jesus’ approach, well,…. With God, nothing shall be impossible. Taking up the parable of the mustard seed, I might give it a try.
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    • hasarla

      September 26, 2012 at 9:20 pm

      I like your answer die! But there are some positions you’ll get to in church that you wont be able to open ur mouth to say it was cos of rain dat u didnt come. D point that ur actions or inactions affect the faith of others, then one has to be really careful.

      As per choosing ur husband. U didnt tell us why.

      James bond dey lie jor. Shebi na tree wey near tree make monkey dey show skill. But i hear regret is not nice at all. Dat people use whole lives asking “what if?”


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