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Too Much Credit???

As someone who was raised in a Pentecostal Church, my parents both have been Church officials for as long as I can remember and I have learnt a lot about God and about serving through this, something I would never take for granted and would definitely pass on to my children in the future. Having said that, I can say I have seen my fair share of revivals and church services that the presence of God was palpable, almost as if you could reach out and touch it.

One thing however that is common to all the programs is that; too much credit is given to the devil. It’s like everything everywhere has his imprint on it. Someone trips on a stone and falls, the devil is involved. You sleep in a mosquito infested area without any form of protection and come down with malaria, it was definitely the devil, if a prematurely hatched business fails, the devil’s hand is involved somewhere somehow. I quite agree that the bible calls him the prince of this world but then, we as Christians seem to be giving him too much credit for anything and everything and hiding behind him for some of our faults. When things go awry, it’s a perfectly natural human response to point fingers and it’s usually not to ourselves.

The bible says we should not be unaware of the wiles of the devil, and this is pivotal to our Christian walk because, that guy is the master of propaganda, and misinformation, need I add deception? And this is one tool which has caught us repeatedly. Be aware of this, the devil is counting on you to keep doing things as you have been doing, but what has that got you over the years? It’s time we shift focus to our God who is infinitely strong and mighty and most importantly, He is on our side. That which you keep in your sight continuously is what enters your subconscious and influences your thoughts, plans and executions.

So I propose you familiarize yourself with the greatness of the God whom you serve, with the weight HE pulls in the affairs of things and of what HE has deposited in you. You are no ordinary being, stop thinking like one! You are the redeemed of God; you are the one it is written about that all power on heaven on earth has been given to Christ for the sake of the church and that is me and you. Give more credit to the GOD who sent His son to die on the cross to save you and to invite you into HIS wonderful kingdom. Give more credit to yourself and to that which you can do. Not by yourself but by Christ who lives in you.

There is this law in nature, in life generally, it can also be found in the bible. Some call it Karma, some call it Law of SEED time and HARVEST, and some call it the law of reciprocity. But I prefer to call it the law of CAUSE and EFFECT. It says that “what goes around comes around”, “you get from it what you give to it”, “you get the prize after you pay the price”, “and you reap what you sow”. You get the point right? This law is almost immutable, and is as old as time itself. If we apply ourselves to this law, we would spend less time badgering GOD with requests and would be able to engage ourselves in the true worship that He desires; where we can get lost in the place of prayer and meditation in the awesome greatness of God. Just praising God and like the 24 elders before God’s throne, singing “Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him sitting on the throne, and to the Lamb forever and ever.”

When we deploy our full efforts into prayerfully planning our lives, and living with the wisdom of God, staying in constant touch with the Father and expressing the Life Giving spirits that we are, then not only would we be the apple of God’s eyes (Let me see the devil try touching that), we would also be better off and the devil would have no point of ingress into our lives and like Job, wouldn’t be able to touch us without God’s express approval. It’s when we have done this that we would truly see that we gave the devil too much credit. Mistakes must suck, so be smart about your life. Be conscious of your actions and their effects, the devil is actually counting on you not been conscious; he sits in the background and assists. He can do nothing unless there is a point of ingress. It’s physically impossible to cover all bases, which is why we have God, who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever dare to ask or think.

If you are embarking on a business venture, carry out your feasibility studies, project at least 5-10 years and take in as much factors as you can into consideration so that you would anticipate and be prepared for anything. The unknown factor you prayerfully commit to GOD and HE is sure to handle it. Even in choosing a partner, pray that God reveals the person to you well enough to make a better decision. In your academics, study to show yourself approved, if you need help understanding anything, ask for it, don’t stop until you find it and when the results come out, you will be predictable ahead as the bible says. Same principle applies in every area of our lives. Take control of your life back from the devil today. Give him no room by cleaning up your act. And if after taking control, things still are not going smoothly, re affirm your stand with GOD, and hold on, because “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”.


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Asala Boluwaduro.

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Praises my merry heart sings.
As all around me, i hear Jingle bells ding.
Proof of the year’s coming end.
And proof that we survived to the end.

Compliments and felicitations fill the air.
And rightly so, ’cause we’re still here.
Still in the land of the living.
For the past Eleven months, Life has been our inning.

Not the same story for some others.
Most unknown, some rather close to our hearts.
We rejoice not over their fate.
But hope they were well received at the Pearly gates.

Let the Reason not get lost in the Season.
‘Cause the Season is all about this one Reason.
The one that has kept us through the years.
The giver of hope and queller of all fears.

Emmanuel is His name.
God with us, the one and the same.
Forget not that Christ is the essence.
Carry out your Joie de vivre with this sense.

I wish you blissful celebrations. God bless you.
Merry Christmas and a Happier new year.


A Reason-ing Season (A Reason-in-Season)

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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happier new year. Thanks for your support throughout the year. I appreciate it.

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Morning friends, gud to see you again. This poem was written by the one and only Falola A’clever. He is a very creative guy and when he showed me this piece, i knew i had to put it up.

Follow it closely, some things are embedded within the lines. To make it fun, i’ll give you no hint other that “think music”. ’cause i trust you’d get it. Okay, here we go.

I’m still very CRAZY FOR YOU.
How could i possibly MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE?
I have been trying, but it’s like CHASING PAVEMENTS.
For so long, i’ve been ROLLING IN THE DEEP.
I’ve searched for SOMEONE LIKE YOU.
But now i’m TIRED, and that is why i wrote you this LOVE SONG.

Before i met you, i was HIDING MY HEART.
But now here’s my love, you can TAKE IT ALL.
I trust you not to MELT MY HEART TO STONE.
We really had good times, DON’T YOU REMEMBER?

With you, i had all the HOMETOWN GLORY any man could wish for.
Until you couldn’t cope with my TURNING TABLES.
You developed COLD SHOULDERS.
And as RUMOUR HAS IT, thinking i can have you back makes me a DAYDREAMER.

What i really wanna hear is for you to say ‘I found a boy’.
A boy you can tell your friends ‘HE WON’T GO’.
Please once again name sake, BE MY SAME.
For this i’ll be as RIGHT AS RAIN.
Be mine or i’ll SET FIRE TO THE RAIN.
Give me one last chance honey, i saved my BEST FOR LAST.
Sweetheart, forever you’ll be my ONE AND ONLY.
And till you are ready, I’LL BE WAITING….

Did you get that? If you saw the common vector, say that you did in the comments section. You should be able to identify at least one. Say which in the comments section.
If you haven’t seen it yet, what can i say? You really need to up the ante on your music choices. Thanks guys.
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Morning friends. I saw this poem written by a friend of mine and i wanted y’all to read it. That guy Bunmi Oke is totally something else.
Enjoy and do drop a comment. Thank you

It is a fruitless try at reinventing our makeup.

When we feed on beliefs that are made-up.
We sorely bask in deception with no constraints.
By thinking our capabilities have no restraints;

’Cause rain or shine, in sound health or in sickness
Admitting one’s limits is now tagged “weakness”
Owning up to one’s ordinariness is now “old-school”
In a world that thinks life’s by might and muscle

Being realistic is “dulling;” it’s
taboo to be down-to-earth
In an era of ever-dreaming fans of “heaven-on-earth”
We call the sky the limit even when
the limit is inherent
In a world that accepts the
false & denies the apparent

If not for boundaries,
Life’ll be lacking in challenges or quandaries
If not for limits,
We will ever do things only
as we deem fit
And what can be more self- destructive
Than limitless control given to the naïve?
Grateful for our
frailties, let’s manage them
Thankful for our strengths, let’s soar on them
Not just for the things that made us rich
But also for the things clearly beyond our reach.
And for an ego that our shortfalls
effectively bridle
Why we do have limits no longer
remains a riddle.

Grateful For Limits by ‘Bunmi Oke

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This has been brewing in my head for a while, i’ve been twirling it around in the carousel of my mind. Trying to make sure it comes out right and strong enough to produce serious life style modifications in everyone who reads it.

What is it to you? Have you ever given it thought? Do you know or think you know what immortality is?

If a fairy appears to you right now with two great looking colored apples; one on the right hand and the other on the left, and asks you to choose one.

If you select the one on the right, you get to live forever, never ageing a day, perfect health and the works (mind you, the apple is coloured RED) pretty much like Klaus in Vampire diaries, without all the side effects of course.
And if you select the one on the left, you’d have 20 years left to live and given as much resources as you need.

Which would you choose? Needless to add ‘Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it’.

A rational individual thinks at the margin. Risk-Benefits Ratio. Cost-Benefits Ratio. Let’s walk through shall we? As i make my point.
While the thought of living forever might look appealing for a little while, let me burst your bubble.
1. You cant stay in a place for too long because people would notice that you are not ageing at all. The charade cant last for more than 20 years before you buddies begin to comment incessantly. Eventually, you’d have to leave, change location to a place where you can spend another 20years maximum before you have to leave.
2. You’d have to avoid the spotlight for the same reason above.
3. Eventually the novelty of immortality will wear off and you’d give anything to just be normal like everybody else.

But i believe i have a better idea.
Lets say you have 20years to live with abundant resources. The natural instinctive human response is to “Chop the life of your head” i.e to enjoy the time you have left. To do your any and every heart desire. Let me save you the stress, King Solomon tried it, better yet, he did it all. He had 300wives and 700concubines, the finest food and wine that could be sourced from anywhere, whatever a man’s heart could possible conceive, that man did them all and came to a rather painful conclusion, ‘Vanity in vanity, all is vanity’. Take a second to digest that.
Doing all you can for yourself wouldn’t bring you fulfilment, it might seem cool at first, but overtime, it’d wear off. That is an evidence based and validated statement. History books produce the evidence. You want validation? Ask the filthy rich billionaires of this world and they would tell you.

Like i said, i do have a better idea. Live your life to the max, not for your self but for your world. Use your resources to help people, to put smiles on the faces of the children of the world. Pick a worthy cause and live for it. Use your God given skills and talents to effect a meaningful change in your generation and your name would ring for ages in history books. People would gather to share your message over the years. And when you do die, your memory would forever live on. Your name would not only bring smiles on peoples faces, it would be a source of inspiration for centuries after you are gone. That my friends is IMMORTALITY! Its not in duration/life-span but in intensity of impact!

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