17 Dec

Morning friends. I saw this poem written by a friend of mine and i wanted y’all to read it. That guy Bunmi Oke is totally something else.
Enjoy and do drop a comment. Thank you

It is a fruitless try at reinventing our makeup.

When we feed on beliefs that are made-up.
We sorely bask in deception with no constraints.
By thinking our capabilities have no restraints;

’Cause rain or shine, in sound health or in sickness
Admitting one’s limits is now tagged “weakness”
Owning up to one’s ordinariness is now “old-school”
In a world that thinks life’s by might and muscle

Being realistic is “dulling;” it’s
taboo to be down-to-earth
In an era of ever-dreaming fans of “heaven-on-earth”
We call the sky the limit even when
the limit is inherent
In a world that accepts the
false & denies the apparent

If not for boundaries,
Life’ll be lacking in challenges or quandaries
If not for limits,
We will ever do things only
as we deem fit
And what can be more self- destructive
Than limitless control given to the naïve?
Grateful for our
frailties, let’s manage them
Thankful for our strengths, let’s soar on them
Not just for the things that made us rich
But also for the things clearly beyond our reach.
And for an ego that our shortfalls
effectively bridle
Why we do have limits no longer
remains a riddle.

Grateful For Limits by ‘Bunmi Oke

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One response to “Grateful For Limits by ‘Bunmi Oke

  1. A clever

    December 18, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Nice! Datz some write up,really insightful


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