25 Dec

Praises my merry heart sings.
As all around me, i hear Jingle bells ding.
Proof of the year’s coming end.
And proof that we survived to the end.

Compliments and felicitations fill the air.
And rightly so, ’cause we’re still here.
Still in the land of the living.
For the past Eleven months, Life has been our inning.

Not the same story for some others.
Most unknown, some rather close to our hearts.
We rejoice not over their fate.
But hope they were well received at the Pearly gates.

Let the Reason not get lost in the Season.
‘Cause the Season is all about this one Reason.
The one that has kept us through the years.
The giver of hope and queller of all fears.

Emmanuel is His name.
God with us, the one and the same.
Forget not that Christ is the essence.
Carry out your Joie de vivre with this sense.

I wish you blissful celebrations. God bless you.
Merry Christmas and a Happier new year.


A Reason-ing Season (A Reason-in-Season)

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Posted by on December 25, 2012 in Poetry


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