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2013! Let’s Get Rolling

Welcome to the New Year folks, praises be to God for sparing our lives and bringing us safely into the year. That means something, it means you are important, you have value, you have something to add to the scheme of things, you are the change we need and you have to get rolling ASAP! I remain committed to my charge and that is helping us “Create a New Reality”. I have promised not to write anything if it won’t be helpful to the reader (including me).

I am not a subscriber to the New Year resolutions making party, partly because most people hardly achieve 50% and partly because I personally usually don’t get things done that way; if you are, good for you. The thing is this year you have to increase your overall effectiveness so 50% won’t cut it. That’s just a ‘C’; the call is for excellence this year so let’s raise the bar to at least 70%. Effectiveness requires deliberateness and not wishful thinking and blind belief in things becoming right. Effectiveness is about well conceived and thought out actions with intended results. Suffice to say, effectiveness is all about planning!

You must have heard the catch phrase “He who fails to plan plans to fail” many times; well, it’s more than a catch phrase, it’s the truth and it has power to set you free from whatever current trappings you find yourself. Be it financial, career, relationships, even in ministry. It’s a code that works across the board.  For instance, how can a graduate with B.Sc Statistics not be able to use SPSS and want to get a job as a statistician in these current times? If you want financial freedom, you must have a plan for it. An outstanding career that will eventually lead you to the top of the food chain or a skyrocket career that will get you to the top in record time – you choose, and whatever your choice is, you need a plan. You have the right to dream, so do it. After waking up, put pen to paper and plot your path to the fulfillment of your dreams.

At the beginning of last year, I had just 2 things to achieve; 1.) Get closer to God. 2.) Make money! Sounds simple right? Well, it turned out not to be so simple because of some things. I was in my final year, studying pharmacy in the University of Ibadan! Now throw writing my project into the mix. That literarily meant I had little time. To top that off, I had a Drama Night to plan. That on its own is another time consumer. These two things succeeded in making me drop the making money goal. Standing here now, I’m going to pass on to you what I learnt.

There will always be times in your life when there are things you can’t control. You have to identify all of them and like an obstacle course(such as the one seen in military training camps or NYSC camps) and begin to plan your ascent around them, with full knowledge of what they are and what it will take to overcome them individually.

Prioritizing: this will help you do the right thing at the right time and not to muddle things up

Time management: the risk when chasing multiple targets is always wrongful allocation of resources, the mother of all resources is time, so its allocation is of ultimate importance if you really want to achieve anything in the end

Desire:Know what you want and why you want it and don’t let anything take your mind of the why especially.

Finally, I have also observed that deadlines greatly improve one’s ability to focus, so help yourself by placing deadlines on your targets this year. I believe in God who strongly believes in you and I can say with certainty that this year is your year. So let’s get rolling

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