01 Apr

So April is the National Poetry Writing and a challenge is set before all poets. To write a poem everyday till the end of April. I Donsally hereby accept the Challenge. So help me God!!!

Coincidentally, this is my centenary post on this space, i honestly dont remember when exactly i opened this blog and i’m not the most consistent of writers but i thank God for bringing me this far. And to all of you who have ever read, tweeted or posted on facebook or any other social platform about my Blog, i say a very hearty THANK YOU, and God Bless You! Lets continue as we Create A New Reality!

Todays post.


Cross my heart as i make a pledge.
To rise to the occasion and the challenge.
A poem a day everyday of April.
Doing all i can and still keeping it real.

My mind is clear and focused.
To write ceaselessly as i wish.
No longer the cesspool where unfinished thougths are tossed.
It’ll be a freshwater lagoon, teeming with all sorts of fish.

This is a statement of intent.
The document that categorically signifies my interest.
In writing 30 poems in 30 days.
Putting Pen to paper; as i write away.

Greatness is on the menu this month.
I’ll write for all i’m worth consistently, ’cause that is what i want.

I am @OverlordNoni and Thank You for reading. Drop a comment if you will.

#NaPoWriMo #Poem01 The Challenge

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One response to “#NaPoWriMo #Poem01 The Challenge

  1. bunmioke

    April 3, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Cutely concise piece. And never give room for the “cesspool where unfinished thoughts are tossed”, bro.


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