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This Piece is for every creative person out there. I’d like to believe we all are, but some more than the others. Therefore, if you find yourself among the gifted ones, make good use of God’s gift to you. Light up the World with it!


Pointless pieces of information.
Meant to mislead the unwary.
Potentially into perpetual misery.
Perpetrated by masters of deception.

Aura of silence, permeating everything.
Insiduous gloom potentially life-threatening.
The result of continous pummelling of creative senses.
Nipping at the bud all such advances.

Unbeknown of its essence.
They chip at it until it’s stifled.
And Dead! As by a sniper rifled.
What would have been pivotal to outstanding success.

Don’t do this or that they say.
What do you want people to say?
When you grow up, you’ll see.
That all these are meant to favour thee.

Its too risky, dont throw your life away.
Listen to the words the elders say.
If you want a real life, get a real job.
Forgetting that the collar chokes as that of a dog.

Embrace your creativity, let it shine.
Don’t let others dictate the use of what’s thine.
On the wings of limitless success you’re meant to climb.
Dont throw it all away on a dime.

Lies that’ll take you off your way.
Listen not to their alluring sway.

For you are a light that must shine.
Therefore SHINE ON!!!

I for one believe that God makes no mistakes (Durhhh, He is God), and that there indeed is a design to your make. You didnt just haphazardly end up with that beautiful voice, lyrical mastery, artistic eye, creative hands, creative mind, a badass wordsmith, writer, poet, theatre artist, screen artist, creative arts and crafts….the avenues to let out creativity are really limitless and whichever one you have resident in you, you owe if First to God who put it in to let it come out, Secondly to yourself to be All you can be and Thirdly to the society… We could use more real role models around here(not the Kardashians of this world)…if you think the world is twisted right now, wait for 10years and you’ll really see what twisted is, so we really need to step up, connect with the source(God in whatever language) and start some good vibes. I’m eternally optimistic that we can do some….alot of good this way.

Thank you for reading.

I remain @OverlordNoni

Time to Shine!


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O’er streams and land my heart has flown.
Just to find the place called home.
When meat is stripped to nothing but bones.
What’s left, O learned one but The Shadow Lone.

The eyes e’er so short doth see.
Only within the limits of the mind.
Mind not that the mind sees naught.
But what the senses artistically paints.

A flame in the darkness doth shine.
A claim on the invisible, on what’s mine.
Shame on those who tried to pilfer what’s rightfully thine.
Justice shall rightfully their plea decline.

Put your feet down and stake your claim.
The joy you feel is not a thing of shame.
Your journey though long here wanes.
On this path will you be ever glad you came.

“I’m home” sang the parrot to the bees.
Who inhabit the river surrounded trees.
This i choose, this i want.
This is home, the past now is burnt



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Kill Myself

Based on the number of things i should have.
That i dont.
And the things i should have done.
That i haven’t.
The What i know i could be.
That i’m not.
I have decided to kill myself.

Right here right now, a gun to my head.
The trigger’s calling; it’s time to be dead.
And put an end to the horror of a life i live.
Or maybe with an axe my neck i’ll cleave.

So dear friends and family, this is a suicide note.
And i assure you it is for the best.
I’m not being overrun by misplaced zest.
Or whatever you think my proposed death connotes.

Its well documented that death births life.
Just like peace is often the aftermath of war.
And Backwards is sometimes the best way forward.
I have decided to end this life of strife.
Giving myself an opportunity to start afresh and march onward.

A grain must first die before it can multiply.
To be reborn as the Phoenix and fly.
To the zen of my infinite possibilities.
Its high time i embraced my responsibilities.

For everything i should have,.
There is something i should have done.
For everything i should have done.
There is something i should have known.

To know, to do, to have and to become.
I have to first be dead to distractions.
And kill myself with focused hardwork to get things done.
So that my new life, will be very much unlike the old one.

Heaven on earth, all things under control.
The kind of death that gets my name on the honor roll.
‘Cause its tantamount to previously unattainable success.
With renewed zeal and unmatchable zest.

So who else wants to die? If you want a turnaround *change* in your life, that life has to die.

Remember that “A Fool is someone who does the same thing over and over again and expect different result”.

Re-invent the wheel and create a New Reality for yourself.

You can do it, many before you have and so can you.

I remain @OverlordNoni on twitter


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