Home – Memoirs of the Lost

20 Jul

Hey folks, welcome again. I set out to write prose poetry and when I put my pen to paper, it took a whole new form, don’t think I pulled it off but you be the judge of that. I try to always write victoriously or at least from a victorious point of view. So in that vein and without much ado, I present to you HOME – The Memoirs of the Lost!


It’s dark out here and I can barely see, I’m choking on the dust-laden wind that seems determined to push me off my feet with its ferociousness. I stagger and stumble on a nearby stone. My feet hurts as if I’ve been journeying barefoot for a while, it looks like I stepped on broken glass. Jeez, where am I? And how did I get here? What on earth am I doing here? Where is here? And how do I get back? To who I am, to where I should be, how do I get back home?

Finding no answers, despair starts to sink in, planting its poisonous roots in my weakened mind. I had so many plans, so much I wanted to do – have a shelf that will be filled with laurels, find love, build a home, raise a family and live and leave a lasting legacy behind; So much to do with so little time; and now this? I tried to take a step forward, since it’s often said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, then I halted, which way is forward? I couldn’t be sure of anything. It was too dark to find my footsteps and retrace them. Then I remembered; my eyes are closed.

And on opening them, I quickly realised one thing – the darkness was still there, but it was no longer as intense and all-consuming as before. I couldn’t identify any light source after looking around so I looked up, and saw the glimmer of a star – a lone star. And I could swear it twinkled when I looked at it. Something like; “I’ve been here since! You just were not looking up, too preoccupied with your surroundings”. The twinkling star was talking or was I hallucinating? This is bad! I’m hearing a star talk…in English. Oh this is really bad.

Since I had nothing to do, no one for company and apparently nowhere to go, I looked up and it twinkled again. Again and again it twinkled. Oh God, let it not be Morse code. I closed my eyes and looked again and there were two stars in the dark sky. The new apparition appeared west of the former one. I took a step forward and the former star disappeared. Quickly I took that leg backwards but it didn’t reappear so I returned my leg forward and looked upward. In my mind saying “what now”? But this star didn’t twinkle; I could swear it wasn’t even looking at me.

Then it occurred to me, the star appeared when I didn’t know what direction to take and the new star appeared westward of the former one. Bingo! I had my direction. West! Home! Where the Sun lives! I looked back to thank the star and I saw the both of them and they twinkled at the same time. And in my mind I replied “Gotcha”.

This is an analogy of sorts. I could tell you what it all means, but that will take the fun out of it. Try and figure it out. I promise you you’ll feel smarter and you will become it. A quick tip though – There are three heavenly bodies in the piece; the rest is for you to figure out. Thank you for reading always and God bless you.

I remain @OverlordNoni

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Posted by on July 20, 2013 in Inspiration, Poetry, Stories


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