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Where are They?



Everyone would you keep quiet and face forward? Hey! You over there, sit down or i’ll send you out.  Good boy! I want you to be extra attentive today because we have a guest and i’ll appreciate if you don’t disgrace yourselves and me in the process. Thank you. Now with a standing ovation, welcome into our midst the one and only super awesome, cool and oh-so-gorgeous-please-drop-dead international  Miss Jennifer! *claps*.

“Thank you, thank you everyone, you may take your seat. I’m really excited to be here and can’t wait for us to start today’s discussion”. But first i’ve gotta ask you this question “Where are they? Where have they all gone? And from where did all these new ones come from? I’m talking about ‘Ze Good Guys’ by the way” she takes her time to scan the faces of everyone seated and said “I dont think you get me, well let me explain it to you by putting it in perspective”    First things first, Who is a good guy? Most girls can easily identify a good guy upon first contact, he may or may not be gentle, but will most likely be gentlemanly in nature. Guys that are trained by their mothers to treat every woman with respect, treat them all like a queen whether they deserve it or not, who do not try to take advantage of them, don’t toy with their emotions just for sport, simply because they can. I’m talking about guys who say what they mean and mean what they say. There was a time when such guys were in abundance but right now? Not So much.     Which is why we are wondering where these good guys have gone to? Did an alien ship swoon down on earth, ask them to reveal themselves and carried most of them to space? Because if that were the case, I’ll propose we retaliate and get them back. We aren’t enjoying the ones they left behind. We’d happily exchange them tho, It’s just that we seem fairly certain no alien took them and we have a couple of ideas as to what happened to them ” 

Before i allow Bolu to say anything, do you guys think he’s one of them? *murmurs and whisperings* hmmm, i reserve my comment and you have the stage.   

Jennifer! I wonder why you’ll put that question out there? Shebi we will get back home. I comment my reserve. Anyways, back to the matter.    

I’ll run through some ideas. Could the fathers and mothers who are expected to teach their sons and daughters how to behave be blamed? If they talk and their children don’t listen or if they dont even teach them in the first place or perhaps they are so bitter and filled with spite from past experiences that they fill the mind of their children with unhealthy things thinking they are teaching them, the children then go out and practice what they’ve learnt. Could this be a part of the problem?   

“Bolu allow me to say that i can speak for my mother and she taught me well, taught me how to behave as a lady, showed me the way of God and i took her lessons to heart. I owe my awesoneness to her”  

  “As do i to my mother Jennifer”    

This is what I think. It’s the fault of the Girls ‘Ze Bad Girls ‘. Chill and let me explain, put down the knife please. Thank you!   

  Proverbs 7:27-28 NIV:

27 “Look,” says the Teacher, “this is what I have discovered: “Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things— 

28  NIV: while I was still searching but not finding— I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.   

Now I didn’t write that, the Preacher did, and according to his wisdom, there are more bad girls than bad boys in the world, I can’t categorically say why but considering that Solomon had about 300 wives and 700 concubines, I’d say that almost makes him an authority on the subject. So can we just leave it at that? Great! So these girls have done bad things to these guys and these erstwhile good guys have been So hurt that they feel the only way to deal is to retaliate. Not to the offenders but to the ‘innocent ‘ victims out there.   

  This process initiates a chain reaction. Wait….Do i need to say why they are called bad girls? Without skewing in any particular direction, the Only standard that we can use to arrive at Good or Bad is still Morality! While I know that potentially raises some questions, this is not a debate on Logic So chill. Morality is simply a sense of right and wrong. It may be influenced by culture and traditions but It’s essentially what we feel is right and what we feel is wrong. *note that I used ‘what we feel ‘ and not what we are told *. There are some things that you know isn’t right, you don’t need to be told to not have sex with your own blood sisters or mother. It’s just not right! Stealing what doesn’t belong to you is wrong, justify it all you want, it is what it is – Wrong!!!   

  That is morals for you, bad girls(people) generally don’t give much care for the rules. I’ll do what I want with my life and stuff like that is what you’ll hear out of their mouths. They also generally don’t know restraint and I think this is the crux of the matter. They do what they want not caring who gets hurt in the process. The hurt party decides to take his pain out on the town, goes on a spree doing what he wants and not caring who gets hurt too. That way the venom keeps spreading until almost every body has had a taste of it someway somehow. This i believe is why there are many nasty guys out there today. They just cant find it in them to care anymore. So you see a guy who doesn’t even respect you or your body who wants to have sex with you after day 1, i believe he just doesnt care and this is just an offshoot or a reaction to what was done to them.  Jennifer you have something to say?   

“You know i do Bolu, i dont ,agree 100% with your attempt to place the blame on ladies”   

“I have to interject here with just one word ‘Eve ‘ but you can continue now. ”   

“Hahaha, are you one of those people who blame all the world’s problem on Eve eating the forbidden fruit? ”  

  “Far from it Miss J. Just continue”   

Using the Bible as a reference has me in a bind but I still think It’s due to the weakness of men. You guys form macho and put your muscles on display but when it comes to the matters of the heart, you are just weak. How do you go about justifying hurting someone who has done you nothing simply because you were hurt? That’s just not fair! And That’s a sign of weakness if you ask me. I’m not saying girls are saints in this matter either but your argument is faulty!    

I’ll respond with one word “Adam”   See we can go back and forth on this matter, we’d have to start from the garden of Eden and we would just be justifying! The person of Adam is flawed and God moved to fix that by sending His Son Jesus, if we live like him, I believe we’d be able to live above the pain and the hurt. Remember that he was beaten mercilessly, a crown of thorns was placed on his head and he was hung on the cross yet he had the fortitude to say “Father forgive them” He still died for us and sits on the Father’s right hand pleading good things for us. That’s the kind of life we should try to emulate because “An Eye for an eye leaves everybody blind “.   

  So if you are tired of the kind of men we have around today, just pray God sends you one after His heart! That’s the only guarantee you have of having a meaningful and potentially marriage headed relationship. Pray for someone who dares to be different, who doesn’t subscribe to the norm, who doesn’t follow the crowd, who has a heart for God. And on a final note, the same goes for you, “God will not be mocked, whatsoever a (wo)man sows he shall reap” Be the kind of person that you are praying for your man to be. And if you have a sordid history, once you give your life to Christ, he no longer remembers that shit. Its what you do from now on that matters. Sow good seeds and reap same. C’est fini! Shikena! Lobatan! Dassol!   

  “Miss Jennifer! Thank you for joining us today, I hope you’d be able to join us subsequently! God bless you and may your feet not fall from the way. May God keep you.”   

“If you’ll pray like this everytime, then I’ll surely come again. Thanks for having me.”   

Its a wrap folks, i’d like to read your views on Ze Matter so please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below.    

Thank you! Continue creating a New Reality for yourselves. Ciao!   

I remain  @overlordnoni


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