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Practice makes Perfect

I live in a three bedroom flat with three other people, our parlour area is bare, no seetee, no teevee, no curtains, just bare! And the only thing you’ll find in there is a ball. A half-deflated regular ball. Its not a piece of adornment nor a monument either. As much love as i have for the sport, i’m not any good at actually playing it so i dont bother. What’s the point? The ball belongs to my roommate who is my exact opposite in that regard, he loves the sport amongst others and plays it adequately well so he bought the ball.

What this means is that i wake up every morning, step out of my room and see a ball. Every morning! So i always step into the parlour and kick it around, dribble myself, score against every room door and feel like a bad guy. But one day i picked the ball up and tried to do an overhead flick and as you can easily imagine, the ball neither went over my head nor was flicked. I was in front of the ball having gone through the motions of swinging my legs acrobatically and trying to trap and jump with the ball. I acheived neither. I was in front and the ball waa behind – i hardly touched it- i laughed at myself and went about my day.

I came back from work and the ball was still there so i gave the flick another try. Still nothing. Everyone who watches football knows how beautiful the game gets when a little bit of skill and flair is injected and that was my target. I did play ball back in the day, when i was younger but i was basically a pass and shoot kind of guy. You pass to me, i run with the ball, i pass to you, you pass back and i shoot. BAM! Nothing more! My friend Shevy was the ultimate bad guy when it came to skills and tricks so i decided to take a page from his book and learn the overhead flick.

I commenced to attempt to do the flick everyday for the next two weeks and i am proud to tell you that i have learnt….no…i have mastered the overhead flick. I can pull it off at leaat 9 times out of ten attempts. I’ve learned how to place each of my legs in the position to properly flick the ball either over my head or to the side. All that remains is for people to come from over the world and pay loads of cash to come and see me execute the ovethead kick (a brother can dream right?).

Moral of the story: Practice makes perfect. There is something you desire, a skill or something of the sort. I’m here to tell you that you can have it. If you want it badly enough, you’ll take the page i took from Shevy’s book(who now goes by the name Lusheyi) from me and start practising. Whatever it may be that you desire, consistent practice is the way to acquire and hone that skill to the point of excellence. Is it cooking, writing, singing, public speaking, washing, even tweeting, whatever it may be, there is a method…a system by which those you’ve seen do it do it, they were either taught or they learnt it themselves, of you need someone to show you a few pointers, don’t hesitate to ask and at the same time, dont hesitate to try. Who knows, you mught discover a new way to get things done. All in all, practice is the way to acheive excellence in any and every thing you do.

I remain @OverlordNoni

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