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As the days slowly count down
I realize the month is winding down
And still i’m here; among the living
Blood still flows in my veins and i’m a-breathing

I’ve seen no less than four people die at work
If they’d seen it coming, they’d probably have ducked
But no they didn’t. They couldn’t ‘cos they can’t.
No one can ‘cos we’re human like that

But above us is a God who cares
For us, through it all, He’s always there
Things we see and those we see not
The arrows He blocked & those He prevented from being shot

Our worthiness is always in contention
His faithfulness on the other hand, never in doubt
In all of our coming in and going out
Praised be God for his blessed perfection

Grateful i am to the God on high
As days pass, please draw me nigh
Let my heart be attuned to thee
And your peace be mine as i look only to thee

For the year is young and full of promise
Be it unto me according to your word & prophecies
That i might be glad and sing your praises
Everyday, all year long as time slowly passes

© 2014
I am @Overlordnoni

Grateful Psalm

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Hey fellas, it’s been a while. And I know I’ve been slacking sorta but I can explain. I’m working as the editor of LiveWire magazine and we publish weekly so my attention has been kinda tilted wayyy in that direction. Anyway, Happy New Year to you guys and welcome to my first blog post for 2014. It’s inspired by a post I read on Dan Rockwell ‘s blog

Anyways, here it is. 2014 will be the year of the Deliberate. That much I can tell u now. Read, drop your comments and do share.


Ring the bell!!! It’s the New Year, she has arrived again as is her annual custom. Her unending journey through the tapestry of time has brought her once again to our shores. We are happy, we are glad! Such is the mood whenever she comes around that even before she comes, many take time to look through their lives and decide on things to change so that by the next time the New Year comes again, they would be more successful and be at a better position than we were last time. Whether this actually works is yet to be verified but it makes some logical sense considering. Some have decided to call it New Year Resolutions and the name stuck. It certainly makes sense to want to impress the next year by being better than when she came last.
People write long lists and paste them all around the house where they can easily see it and be reminded of the things they have resolved to do this year. With time it was realised that the long list was hardly completely taken care of by the time the New Year returns. People decided to reduce the list only for them to discover that they more or less successfully do the same proportions year-in-year-out. “This method does not work” they say, we’ll freestyle this year and see how it goes. The New Year arrives and there still isn’t much of a difference in their lives, some were even worse than when they started. Something was missing! What it was and where to find it was as well hidden.
I won’t claim to have found ‘it’, but what I have is a better idea in that it’s not cumbersome in execution, it doesn’t require any form of complicated series of plans for you to make sense out of it. It is as simple as ABC. Don’t make resolutions, find a word! I got this from Dan Rockwell’s leadership blog and it does make sense. You’ve made resolutions and they didn’t really work so why not try something new. Something that could potentially change your life isn’t something you trifle with; you grab it with both hands and use it maximally. That’s what distinguishes outstanding successes and austere mediocrities.
If you take time to think, or if you have adequate situational awareness, you would have something you want to do, stop or change this year. There would be a way you want to reinvent yourself. Once you’ve found that, you’re halfway there. The second step is to take your time and think of a word that permeates as much of the things you’d like to get done as possible. One word that if done right will be the first domino chip that sets the ball rolling.

Do you have anger issues and want them fixed this year? Do you have the desire to drop a few dress sizes this year? Do you have a problem focusing and getting things done this year? You catch my drift… one word! Choose one word that embodies the essence of life for 2014 and let it speak to you everywhere you go. The possibilities are endless. People have chosen; love, discipline, rest, integrity, smile, finish, kindness, joy, patience etc.
To choose your word, look in by finding silence and ask yourself three questions
What do I need?
What’s in my way?
What needs to go?
After this, you need to find your why “The why is always more important than the ‘what’”. The second step is to look up asking God for your word and listening. Don’t stress about your word, receive it from your maker. The third step is by living out your word everywhere you go.
Here are some suggestions for maintaining focus on your word.
Write down your word and post it in prominent places
Create a screensaver with your word
Take a picture of your word and save it on your Smartphone
Keep a One Word journal
Look for sayings and quotes that relate to your word
Find a song that reminds you of your word and put it on all your playlists
Get a removable tattoo of your word.
Like I said, I’m not saying this is ‘it’ but it certainly makes sense and is worth trying. I will and I advise you to join me. When I get my word, I will write about it here and you’d drop yours too. I have been getting a great vibe since we entered 2014; I have a feeling that this year will be a great one, a year for the deliberate. You can’t jonze through this one. Get on the successful bandwagon! This year, we’re going for it! Don’t just read and forget this, take the next step and we’ll all be better for it.
I remain @OverlordNoni

Don’t Make A Resolution, Find A Word!


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