31 Jan

As the days slowly count down
I realize the month is winding down
And still i’m here; among the living
Blood still flows in my veins and i’m a-breathing

I’ve seen no less than four people die at work
If they’d seen it coming, they’d probably have ducked
But no they didn’t. They couldn’t ‘cos they can’t.
No one can ‘cos we’re human like that

But above us is a God who cares
For us, through it all, He’s always there
Things we see and those we see not
The arrows He blocked & those He prevented from being shot

Our worthiness is always in contention
His faithfulness on the other hand, never in doubt
In all of our coming in and going out
Praised be God for his blessed perfection

Grateful i am to the God on high
As days pass, please draw me nigh
Let my heart be attuned to thee
And your peace be mine as i look only to thee

For the year is young and full of promise
Be it unto me according to your word & prophecies
That i might be glad and sing your praises
Everyday, all year long as time slowly passes

© 2014
I am @Overlordnoni

Grateful Psalm

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Posted by on January 31, 2014 in Christianity, Poetry


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One response to “Grateful Psalm

  1. Walt Shakes

    February 1, 2014 at 6:07 am

    May it be unto you, aηd us all, according to His promises.


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